Saturday, July 05, 2008

Playing with shirts and more book reviews.

I know I am probably only just getting in on time, but happy 4th July to all in the US.

I found this picture for you in today's favourite books......

A red white and blue lone star that was the inspiration for mine.

Today's books are great. Once upon a quilt and This old Quilt. Both compilations by the same editor, Margaret Aldrich and very similar but filled with a fabulous range of stories.

Any kind of stories about quilting are included, so there are excerpts from novels like The Quilter's apprentice, Alice's tulips, the Persian Pickle Club. As well as short stories about quilting and funny modern stories. The pictures are to die for, many Quiltscapes and Diane Phalen prints as well as old originals. Fantastic for further reading ideas, but just beautiful inspiring reads themselves.

Here's another teaser.

My sister found me Once upon a quilt four years ago for my birthday and I found out about the other off the dustjacket.

In the midst of school holidays I have stolen a few minutes in the sewing room.

I cut a few black rectangles as a foundation piece for the shirty triangles, thinking I would get a completely different block result. Then i found that the "joy" of rectangles is that there are only so many ways you can place them to get them to fold out in the end the shirty triangle has to be placed something like this-

to get a useable block.

The battery was about to flatten on the camera so i got a quick preview of how I could position the blocks I made up .(I know they still need trimming, you can see the black foundation poking out.)

And it went flat as we tried this way.

What do you think?

I think i'll have more of a play this afternoon. I'm still trying to work out a way for the windmill blade thing, that will be this afternoon as well. Great fun!


vivi said...

tracey! i fell in love with your blog, and your works; i'm learning patchwork since last year, and this style is the one i like, old style, country, but just lovely..
i will keep coming to your blog to find inspiration, and if you want you may come to visit mine, hope you like it
the books you mention must be great, i will look for them
lots of kisses, vivi

Carol said...

The shirts look absolutely amazing, all those different checks together. You just blow me away with what you come up with.

liz said...

Hi Tracey,
Glad you are feeling better.
Your ideas for the shirt quilt are just fantastic. I love both layouts. The diamond setting is very striking. Are the shirts all cotton? Do you get them from the op shop? and how much would you normally pay for a shirt?
Like to compare with our op shop prices here in FNQld.
Thanks for sharing the quilting books I have never even heard of the titles you have reviewed.
Do you want reviews on reference type quilty books too?
Take care and kind regards from Liz

trashalou said...

The quilts are both fabulous but we took straw poll up here at Trash Towers and we are going for the top one.

Needled Mom said...

I think I like the windmill one best, but found the triangle very interesting. Who would have thought that it would look so dimensional when it went together like that? What fun!

The books sound terrific.