Thursday, July 03, 2008

Only given to a good home.

These two little darling kittens-(who are just sleeping on each other!!)-are more than ready for a new home.

We already have their mother and aunt, they are well and truly weaned and they are at the stage of being enjoyed by their new owners.

There are two problems with this: 1. They are SOOO cute that even DH is loathe to see them leave and 2. My daughter has very strict guidelines for the placement of pets babies. No advertising in any form, because then she can't suitably grill the new owners on their lives so far.

The new owners then have to come from a fairly tight group of people she has known all her life....and thinks are up to scratch!!

I think after a couple of friends came over for even more birthday cake celebrations for my boy yesterday that they may be heading towards a home, but these kittens remind me a little of quilts.

I have read a lot of posts on finding the right home for quilts, and written a few along this line if anyone remembers!!

Just like my girl i have some criteria

-my obstinate side doesn't like to see one demanded.

-looking at one I have given someone else and saying, "I could do that-but why would you!!!" will only see your child given a rattle.

-Ideally the recipient, or mother of recipient is nice. (Hi Sue in Kalgoorlie)

-Or worthy

-or sad

-or they're a kid that cuddles me for no reason.

-or they were just so darn complimentary about the last one....and oozed so much praise on this one that they just couldn't go home without it!

Which is how my attempts to get the perfect Thankyou note photo of baby Daisy when my sister and kids were just here visiting ended up with her going home with a quilt.

Daisy had to have a quilt to lie on so I pulled this one out of the basket....(I think it is also in the header)
-where it was probably waiting for a good iron since it had to have a wash after the calf photo shoot.
Daisy enjoyed being photographed on it so much that this is how she went home
And am i sad to see that one I like a lot go? No, like the quiltmaker in the Quiltmaker's gift, the fun is in the making, then the joy is in the giving...and tomorrow I get the fun of starting making all over again....hopefully on my shirty windmills.
Speaking of my sister, she was the source of many of my early quilt books.
This one is from a couple of birthdays ago and is well worth picking up.
It is only small, hence the name. A little bigger than a charm square, but quite thick.
It has information and dates on fantastic quilts on one page and the picture on the next. A really good range of traditional and more modern are included. I find it a really handy and easy to read little reference.
Good book giving is definitely another reason to justify quilts, wouldn't you say.
Have you posted your favourite yet?
Have a good day, Tracey


Linda said...

Adorable kittens, but oh Daisy is such a sweetie. She shines in this post. I couldn't agree with you more, the joy comes in the making and giving.

trashalou said...

So, this 'only given to a good home'.... was it the kittens, the calf or the baby? I guess it depends how much sleep you have had right?

Catherine said...

Oh, those kittens are too adorable! If we lived closer I'd be lining up for potential owner grilling by your daughter! :-)

Karol-Ann said...

I love the pic of the baby with the dolls, sooooo cute! I agree, people who say silly things about quilts, don't get any from me!!

Susie said...

Hi Tracey,
Those kittens are adorable. I'm afraid Vincent wouldn't think they'd be good company though. Your calf with the quilt looks so cute!

Jo-Anne said...

Well, what ever it was that you were trying to give away, I'll take it...any of it...the kittens, the calf, the baby...the whole bit...:) Let the grilling begin!
(we did the same thing when we bred our Lab, Maggie. The recipients of her puppies were given the third degree!)
Lovely post, Tracey! Have a beautiful day.

Carol said...

Oh gosh, I had to look twice to find Daisy with the dolls! How fun. She is a little cherub and pink definitely suits her.

As for the kitty's OH MY! How absolutely adorable they are. And I totally agree with your daughter, the new owners must be grilled, LOL.

loulee1 said...

So remind me again....who is going to a good home? LOL

Cute kittens.

Jelly Wares said...

Great post Tracey!!! Those kittens are pretty darn cute I can see why your daughter is being so very strict about who can take them home..... All of the criteria you listed for giving away a quilt is absolutely spot on!!! I too hate to be demanded for one and there's nothing worse than an ungreatful recipient that says 'oh why would you bother when you could buy something similar much cheaper'.... I'm definitely a sucker for someone with a real passion for something that I create and they usually end up leaving my house with a patchworked treat.

Take Care
Jodie :)