Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kids back to school and group quilts.

The babies are back to school today, it is extraordinarily quiet,I don't really like it like that. I am cleaning the whole house. Oh, alright, a girl can have small computer breaks!

I am hoping to get to the sewing room to work on my summer quilt swap, I have this to tempt me...


Nothing like a good weepy on a cold sewing day.

The draw for my 300th will not be for another day ot two, I am giving all the people who are like me and take a while to get around a chance to catch up. I will definitely do a tutorial of the bag pictured there, just may be a few days away.

I had quilters on Friday night, here is what some of the girls were working on....

Robyn has a weaving unit due for her textile course. You needed to be careful you didn't sit anything down, it could have ended up woven in! I am sure there is some children's story niggling in the back of my head about that....Naughty Amelia Jane is coming to me for some reason!

Kath has finished one Grandbaby's eyespy wall hanging and is starting on a girly one next. Well, I gave her a few new Stephanie Plum's to read so she may not get anything done for a while, they are addictive!

And Helen has sandwiched her hand dyed half square triangles, aren't they great!

I had better get back to work or I wont get to sewing and watching sob stories, what are you watching as you sew at the moment?



Patti said...

I seem to be on a mystery/thriller kick lately. First I watched all the Brother Cadfael mysteries and then all the Inspector Dalglish mysteries - we have all the shows in each series. Then earlier today I watched Broken Arrow. Just finished watching Apollo 13. Not really a mystery thriller - but still a different kind of thriller. For some strange reason I just don't seem to feel the urge for girly flicks for sobby love stories right now.

Lissa Jane said...

g'day Tracey

what am I watching? well my waist get bigger from too many chocolate bullets! LOL I have been watching kids movies, its school hols here still.. but I just watched Dexter on DVD and just also watched box 3 of 'The Bill'...


Gina said...

I'm into thrillers aswell, no girlie flicks in this house sorry.

It seems strange you saying the kids are going back to school as Gemma is just about to break up for a 6 week school holiday.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Faith said...

Oh I love the batik one batiks make me go weak at the knees

Chocolate Cat said...

I'm not as good as you, I find it hard to do anything else when I sew!!

vivi said...

hi, tracey: i haven't visited you the last days
i bought some fabrics yesterday..:D
i'm absolutely happy! washed them today, and hang them to dry; probably will bring them to my patchwork class next sturday and make some pillows for my living room, country style!!!!! :)
as soon as have them started, will post a pic
last weekend hubby and i watched "sabrina" one of my favs, while sewing