Thursday, January 10, 2008

Makes my day

Okay, I can do this, I really can-it's just like pulling a band aid off, or pulling teeth or doing the farm paperwork it quick, do it straight away...and it'll be painless!

Don't get me wrong, I will be including in my next Christmas card that I was nominated for the "make my day award", it's just the, "Yeah right...I am flat out picking a fabric, let alone only 10 blogs that "make my Day!" You all do, or I wouldn't read you, and comment to you and reply to your emails. So, on that score I will attempt to respond...oh wait, if you have received 3 nominations do you have to pick 30? Until someone speaks I will do 10.........Waiting, waiting, speak now or forever hold your piece..too late you running up the aisle waving, it's 10.

Susan, Lou-Lee and Christine, my nominators, are a given.

Atet. feels like a friend around the corner.

Dawn. Ditto.

More Dawn. So many projects!

Ruth. Double ditto who has slotted a baby into crafting life effortlessly.

Patti. Paraphrasing Jack Nicholson in As good as it gets, her work and high level of organisation, "makes me want to be a better person."

Kim's big quilting adventure. Makes me spill my coffee.

Donna. Enthusiastic and gets things done.

Joyce. Great attitude and wows me with her work.

Tonya. Makes wonky work.

Libby. Just 'cos she is simply libby.

Finn.'Cos I want to be her when i grow up!
There, I am done! Now down to some other business, do you subscribe through bloglines, or use some other way? I just have everyone in my favourites and go through them, but it is a waste when people haven't posted...should I have a better plan?
Now, finally, a story about a kitten; a kitten that lived a fairly quiet life with a 7 and 9 year old and could still sleep, even if carted around in a pram, here is the vision of restfulness......

And here he is now......
Yes, he is now "Dizzy pusscat" and the proud owner of my gorgeous almost 3 year old, as he knows it, will never be the same!
Have a great day...and if you click on the coloured blog owners names you will be magically transported to their domains, enjoy..and thanks! Tracey


Clare said...

I want to be Finn when I grow up too. Hope that beautiful grey boy likes his new home.

Linda said...

Tracey have a look at google reader. Very simple and easy to use. You list all the blogs you read in there and when they are updated it shows a new post. Saves so much time.

Libby said...

*blush* thanks - you're a sweetie *s*

I use bloglines but have investigated google reader, too. It is a time saver, for sure.

Patti said...

Oh - thank you Tracey! I'm touched that you thought of me! And I want to be Finn in 10 - 15 years also LOL!

I use bloglines. I have sorted them into folders as follows - "must reads", "want to read", "read if there is time", "craft blogs", and "designer blogs". Right now that totals 312 blogs - and I've given up trying to keep up with all of them!

Chookyblue said...

enthusiastic and gets things done......hmmmmmm don't talk to my dh for the kinds words..."blushing here toooo"

Chookyblue said...

I use bloglines........ring me if you want help.......saves lots of time.......

Owens Family Adventures said...

Oh my!!!! Thank you so much my friend!!! Now I will take a day or two to make my own list. This is so much fun!! I love this crazy blog land of get to meet so many wonderful and interesting people. :)
I need to go have a look-sy at google reader. I have all my blogs bookmarked and I go through them one by one to see who has updated. It would save me about an hour to just see a note next to their name saying something like "read me!!"
:) Have a blessed day!!

Susan said...

It's so interesting how many different blogs there are out there! I love looking at these lists - and only see a few blogs I know!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

thank you, you're a sweetie. I use Bloglines and love it. And what cutie kittens.

Ruth's Place said...

Cool Thank You, but now I have to pick 10 and I read far too many blogs as well...

anne bebbington said...

You can just tell can't you that some animals are made to be soooo long suffering! He's definitely one :o)

Finn said...

Hi Tracey, thank you so very much for the nomination...I don't think I've ever had a nicer compliment than yours *VBS*
I'm so very impress with your newly re-found mojo!! You go girl! I love the 16(to be)foundation block wall hanging! It really is a perfect use for odds and ends of fabric.
And for your friend, no, I don't think the scrappy quilt for Dad is too bright. Older eyes seem to grow dimmer in regard to color. Bright colors remind us of youth and happiness...that is one awesome quilt!
Love the deep gray kitty pics...what a sweetie...both of them!!! Big hugs for a special friend, Finn

atet said...

Isn't it amazing how close Oz and Illinois can seem? I feel the same way (even if I'm seriously envying your seasons right now -- more snow!) Thanks so much -- 'cause you make my day too!

As for the reader -- I started using bloglines recently. It does seem to help me see who has posted/who hasn't as well as allowing me to "organize" my reads by topic of the blog (some) and (somewhat) by how frequently folks post. It really does seem to help me organize my time on the computer.