Saturday, January 12, 2008

In order to get anything done, I have to make lists ...and enthusiatically cross off as I achieve them. The important thing to do if you make lists....... is not to lose them!!!!

After industriously writing mine for the Make my Day award, I then misplaced and had to wing it and the result is that you need to pop over and say hello to Pins and Needles Carol today.(oops!!)

As well as digitally scrapbooking...remember the kids in the Canola, she is also a knitter and quilter...but at the moment she is still getting over her dad passing away on Christmas day.

Speaking of quilting friends, my friend Susan who lives over the other side of Australia, has been sewing up some of her Roman Holiday fabric. She has hit a snag with sashing, she forgot to get some. I have the red and green sashing type here, do you think the roman holiday red would be the go for this or will it be too bright for her Dad? All input appreciated by Suse, who reads my blog.

She has also finished this shaggy for her daughter, cute isn't it!

Had a good catch up with my friend L yesterday,her Mum and one sister were there as well, they had a great time picking out their clothes from the string blocks. Her Mum definitely wants it!

The night before I left I tipped out the second bag of scraps from the family, the really old ones. I almost tossed them all in the bin, they were very dull and unexciting-also a lot of poly/satin type bits.

But I persisted and this was what was able to show yesterday.

The few left over reds from the other bag really lifted the dull tones, this is going to be a 16 block wall hanging for the family.

I am becoming a big fan of this foundation piecing business-there would be no other way to use these mixed quality fabrics.

And finally, as I go off to spend a hard day supervising the pool- a beach kid pic....'cos I can!
Have a great day, Tracey


Patti said...

The string block looks great - and is a perfect way to use all those oddball fabrics. The red really makes the block IMHO.

What a cute picture of your kids!

Ruth's Place said...

Love the string block. I got gifted a mix of fabrics so I'll have to give it a go, what are you using as a foundation?

Susan said...

That string block looks wonderful with the reds to pick it up. Ya done good! The picture of the children is absolutely a winner in my book. Any time you can get siblings to hug is a photo op! =)

Owens Family Adventures said...

HI!!! Wrote about you a little bit over at my blog and "maybe" nominated you for a little something. Thought it was appropriate since I come by this way every day and you make me smile so often!!! :)
gooday mate!

Joyce said...

Gotta love string blocks. Isn't it amazing how people love to find their familiar fabrics in a quilt!

Finn said...

Hi Tracey, I just left a response to this post in the one about "making my day"...LOL, you just never know what the Finn-ster might do...LOL
Please read my comment down there, and one more BIG thank you for the lovely nomination and big hugs too, Finn

Carol said...

Tracey, I was wondering why people I didn't quite know were commenting on my blog and now I know!! Thank you friend. Love the shaggy quilt, I've always wanted to make one of those but I just don't "get it". Probably very easy but I have no idea how. And the pic of your kids is just as cute as can be.

julieQ said...

Neat string block. I am glad you had a little time for fun!


Anne Ida said...

You string block look great! And your friend have been busy sewing as well - love the look of the shaggy quilt, and those RH blocks are great! Red sashing for a dad??? My dad probably wouldn't like that - so I would go with the green... but perhaps your friend's dad has different taste?

atet said...

I think the red would look great with the Roman Holiday -- though, if you could find it, the green and white large swirl one would be good too. Love the blocks you did for your friend's mother -- what a great project!

Kucki68 said...

The Roman Holidays looks great. However I think green might be a more manly choice.