Monday, March 26, 2007

A successful addition in the never ceasing quest for improved organisation.
This little treasure achieved all of it's aims.-
1.It had to be practical, holding all the important lists and notes.
2.It had to fit this spot (above the kettle where I would always look in the mornings.)
3.It had to be pretty and fun to make.
It has been positioned in it's locale since DD went to School and is usually fairly well full of information, I cleared it and just left this lovely couple on it as a demo for you.
the pegs are sewn on and not hard to replace in the unlikely eventuality of coming apart.
I stuck it on with double sided sticky tape so it is there for the duration!

Oh, and don't mention the chook decorations...because my dh does all the time!!

Happy quilting, Tracey

Joy for the day: DD did half a day at School yesterday and has headed off for a full day today!!!And my calf man rang me, a dozen little calves will be ready for me to pick up and mother on Sunday-I'm sure you will see many photos of those cuties!


Libby said...

It's just right *s*

Susie said...

So cute! Love the chickens!!

Kim said...

What a great idea! Love all those things I'm not supposed to mention too! What is it about men, chickens, and the wives who collect them?! LOL!

Fiona said...

Ingenious idea. I have chicken egg holders all along the top of my wall cabinets in the kitchen and yes, my husband thinks I've got enough now (that's what he thinks).

Ruth's Place said...

What a clever idea, and the chooks are cute.

Lois R. said...

I love this idea!!! I have been looking for a way to display birthday cards, maybe I could alter this idea to fit my needs...

You're full of good ideas!

Lois R. said...

Oh, and I like the chickens!!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So adorable! I love the idea! And I do LOVE the chickens!

Susan said...

Doesn't your husband like chickens? =)

I like that organizer. Did you make up the pattern?

Calves. Sounds like a lot of work! Do you sell them or eat them at the end of the year?