Sunday, March 11, 2007

Having your cake...

Seems a very appropriate title for this post, perhaps "not having your cake" may even be better!

I have been running like a mad thing for weeks and that's been fine, and I think necessary, but I'm starting to feel the old "not waving,...drowning!" feeling so it's time to take a deep breath and take stock. As a very good friend warned me during the week-you can't keep it up, you know what happens, you get a week's worth of the flu.

So as of tomorrow morning I am going to acknowledge it is Lent and tighten the ship. There are 3 weeks until Easter, I think a full detox is in order, back to walking once a day (that I haven't been fitting in) back to my pilates and no chocolate and little or no coffee or alcohol and bed before 10.30 pm would be a useful shock to the system as well!! It is well and truly time my juicer returned from it's purely ornamental state of the past few months into being a useful item. I would think 4 kgs off and back into all my favourite clothes would be achievable in 3 weeks so we will see how I go!

Now, as a last farewell to cake, here are the previous 2 birthday cakes for my girl and they, as with the recent number 9, were made and decorated by me using the general guidelines of the kids' favourite book, the Women's Weekly birthday cake book. She was having a little Peter Pan fetish with the ship one, she wanted it, so I girled it up with sails printed with her photos, the pink icing, flowers and Polly pocket pirates. It was a hit.

Seeing I began deleting all my photos from the hard-drive the boys' cakes have disappeared, but were John Deere tractors and spooky castles. They are now on disc somewhere, yell out if anyone wants to see.

Final picture is the Lone star I have made the big leap with (for me) and been working on by hand, it just has the 3 last colours to go on now and they are the points of the star. I am indebted to a site I found that showed me the tips on basting these diamonds, they then only took 2 good nights of TV to prepare. We went away, just DH and me, last weekend to car racing in Adelaide, had a fabulous 4 days away without children's tummy pains or drought issues to concern us and I managed to get all the black diamonds on during the 12 or so hours of car travel. A great weekend, it's just a pity it takes you 2 weeks of 1 am nights to get organized enough to go away! Kids had fun here with my parents and stand-up comedian, St*ar wars loving brother.
The fabric is some of my internet purchases, bought especially as if I was going to spend months of my life on something I'd never done before I wasn't prepared for it to not match!! (Kathy Schmitz' Blackbird village.)-I'll have to do the next pic in daylight as it looks nicer than this. Cheers, tracey


Fiona said...

Tracey, those cakes are just wonderful, your kids must be so proud of you to be able to create them specially for them!

Carol said...

Well it is 10.27pm so are you in bed yet? Or hang on starts tomorrow. Good luck with that, I have the best intentions but still late late nights roll around.

Those cakes look AMAZING !!! What fun to look back on and see them and what more fun to work out what to make next year. Is that the fun part? Do the kids know what they're getting before it comes out on their birthday?

The Chicken Lady said...

Wow, those cakes are amazing! And I love the star. Great colors and nice work! :)

Patti said...

Absolutely marvelous cakes! You are so multitalented!

Finn said...

Hi Tracey, so good to see you back again! I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you...*VBS* ANd yes, Finn is tickled pink with the catty gifts, and the book mark too! You are special to think of me that way..*VBS*

The cakes are gorgeous, and I think your plan to shed a few pounds(kilos) is a good one. I love the stitched picture..very inspiring. I have a drawing of my DD's from way back in KDG. I've always meant to turn it into fabric...maybe I'll give that go one of these days..*VBS* Take good care of you! Hugs, Finn

Doodlebug Gail said...

What amazing cakes Tracey! I'll bet they talk about their birthday cakes for years and years .... my kids do and they love to look at the photo's as well.

Take some time for yourself.

Libby said...

Your cakes are fantastic - no wonder it's the favorite book of your children *s*

Melzie said...

I would LOVE to see past cakes also, that is a gift you have there! xoxo melzie

Susie said...

Love your "girled up" Peter Pan cake!
How clever of you!
Good luck on your weight loss endeavor!!