Thursday, March 22, 2007

More tractor quilts.
An oldie, but a very much loved goodie here. This is my boy's tractor quilt, made a few years ago now (like 4). It has a couple of socks strategically placed to cover his name so if you are wondering about the blue bit then that is the answer.
It has a black background because John Deere green tractors and red Case headers are not that easy to tie together.
I'm rather proud of the pieced tractor even in the cold harsh light of 4 more years experience. It is amazing what some graph paper, great fabric and the will to get a good end result can achieve.
All of the fabrics are farm and tractor based and were acquired at Field days or by a lot of searching. I have had several queries about the Case fabric in the last post (hence I have pulled this off my boy's bed) and while that was picked up locally a fortnight ago, these fabrics have long disappeared.
Had a full day on the High Jump and as the timekeeper at the kids School sports yesterday. Organized parent teams for the potato race and out House won for the second year in a row. I did an impressive slide in ...that I am paying for today but don't tell my kids or hub!
Time to get organized for School Council after more helping at School today.Maybe tomorrow will see some sewing done!
Happy quilting,- and thanks for all the lovely stay at home Mum encouragements! Tracey


Ruth's Place said...

Love the tractor quilt, and blanket. I also can't get over how much you fit into one day!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The quilt is so cute. What little boy wouldn't love it?

Susan said...

Oh, wonderful tractors! You deserve to be proud of them.