Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My computer has now moved from dodgy to completely unstable and shutting itself off. I've just managed to get back on and am taking it in tomorrow to the technician. So if I'm not posting it's nothing major. Well, kind of, how will I go without the net!!


Shelina said...

I feel so confused without my computer. All my routines are disrupted, and I find it hard to move on to do the other things. Hope your computer troubles get fixed quickly and easily.

Shelina said...

Your doll quilt and your baby quilt are adorable. I agree with you, having a baby is hard. Your body goes through the trauma of childbirth, and then without having any time to recover, you have to completely rearrange your schedule and wake up every two hours to feed the baby, who takes up to an hour to eat. I remember those days quite well. I didn't know what I was doing, so in addition to being tired, hungry and cranky, I felt incompetent. People like that definitely don't help the situation.