Sunday, January 28, 2007

Don't you just love a baby!
Well, I do anyway! I got to spend some nice time with the new Great-niece the other night when her grandfather (and my BIL) celebrated a special birthday. Found myself giving a little moral support later in the evening as well. Remember the days when the baby took over an hour to feed and wanted to feed every 2 hours-and you still thought you should be able to do everything and be supermum!! Well, I think she's at that spot and with no family within 2 hours so a couple of us spent a lot of time saying "just write these couple of months off as baby time" and were getting somewhere when an older woman came over and started telling her she shouldn't be yawning (although it was 11 pm and she had a 3 week old baby) and that everyone else has done it and it's not that big a deal! That fired me up-Note to woman: It is a big deal, you can be tired, your body is knocked around,your life is upside down..... and your superwoman persona fools no-one who knows your children!! It always amazes me the amount of people who have to put other people down in order to build themselves up and validate their own decisions. Anyway hopefully the negatives didn't get through and DN spent a good break at the in-laws.

Here's the final result picture on the quilt and the little Millie wall-hanging I played with the day before. Thanks to Tonya at Lazygal for the general idea, but I was well away from the computer so had to do what felt right. It's a bit pale but done to match the quilt and the colours DN chose. My junior critic thought it was great and is hinting madly!(Even without hot pink!!) she has also pulled the splish splash tin out of last weeks fabric purchases and is hoping for a wall-hanging with that and embroidery including her new cat. Do you think she has come to the right place? I love it when all she wants for her birthday is a quilt from me-how to make friends and influence people!
Her best friend had a birthday, she's mad on little things and polly pockets so I borrowed from an idea from Fiona in England and made a little Polly bed with pillow that can lie or hang. She was very happy, as were the pollys.

I have shelved the hexagon idea for a while as I have gone mad for Lone Stars. I have the templates, the fabric came the other day and this is the general idea, to hang in the kitchen and match this couch. I have 27 of this moda blackbird range so after I baste I can check to see if it works and make any appropriate changes.

Last pic is my gratitude for the day AND the reason I plant these everywhere. I'm not going to tell you what it is, I'd like some guesses please. The only clue I will give is that it is summer here. This plant always amazes me and lifts my heart as it comes out of the dry, bare earth and gives us all hope. There will be a flower pic very soon by the looks of these-but if I waited for that it would would make it too easy!!Ps, that's some of my tougher rosemary in the background-I actually have losta fair bit with the drought and the weeds are because i've given up on the garden until it rains!

Updates: I have already backed up everything onto CD, it's just that all the photos are still listed as being on the Kodak Easyshare program and I can't work out a way of deleting them from the collection except one by one! V. tedious.

Hedgehog is a great slice made from Marie biscuits (or just a plain sweet type biscuit) sultanas, butter, condensed milk and cocoa. Then iced with choc melted with a bit of butter. Probably not a health food but delicious for a treat.I haven't had a phone for a week (rural living!) but when I get it back I'll ring Robyn and see if I am allowed to share! Thank goodness my internet is satellite or a very quiet week would have been far more of a crisis!

Have a great day, I need to go and decide whether I watch my Aussie cricketers flog NZ or Speedy Gonzales have a red hot go at the Fed. decisions, decisions. I envisage much channel surfing. Tracey

ps In case Katie Holmes ever Googles her name (because I would) -WELL DONE on the support (suck it in) underwear you were snapped in today. Much better to have everything looking sleek than to do a Britney. Also, same look as actual exercising!!Works for me!!


Sweet P said...

Who was the older woman who said a young mom can't be tired???? I hope you told her what she could do with her opinion. There is no such thing as a supermum. Some women just don't get it.

The quilt and wall hanging are adorable. So if the pocket for Polly Pocket.

I have no idea what the plant it, but I'll be watching for the picture of the flowers once it blooms.

joyce said...

Supermoms are super idiots in my books. They put appearances ahead of the kids. There is nothing more cranky than a tired mom (ask me, Ive been there) and I'm sure these super types are tired and cranky when nobody is looking.
The plant looks a bit like it could be a Bird of Paradise.

Libby said...

Much better to be a little tired, a little messy with a house that's a little out of order as long as the baby is happy -- everything else will still be there waiting while baby just grows and grows.

Susie said...

I think that Polly Pocket carrier is so cute. My granddaughter would enjoy that!
I also have no clue what the flower is, but the bud looks like some sort of lily perhaps?

Owens Family Adventures said...

Just read the kind words you sent my way about my dog!! Thanks!! I will definately think twice about posting any pictures of her in the future :) When I read your post about a young mom shouldn't be tired I just shook my head. I was 20 when we had our son and I gotta say I was exhausted!!! I think maybe some people walk around with one foot in their mouth. Tell that young momma to hang in there and nap nap nap!!! Have a wonderful night!!

Lois R. said...

I love the Millie wallhanging and the Polly Pocket bed! How cute!!!

Is the flower and Amaryllis?

Lois R. said...

Ooops! An Amaryllis, not AND Amaryllis!

Cynthia said...

your baby quilt and wall hanging looks great. I still want to make a quilt using the block you have in the baby's quilt.

I like your post on the string quilt blocks you made. I will have to have a go at making some like that.