Sunday, October 22, 2006

Which came first..............the log cabin chook!!

Here are a few procedural photos if you would like to have the Log cabin chook. I've loaded them wrong so we start with the end result and work backwards. I think the pictures are basically self-explanatory. A few points to note: The beak and crop etc. are of felt; the triangular beak is a a square folded in half; dont sew these in too close to your sewing edge or they catch and the tail is one large and one smaller prairie point. I machine sew this in to the bottom edge then slip stitch the top down. This is neatest if you iron a 1/4 inch type seam first. I use a funnel to fill with wheat or rice when I get about an inch from the end. This is especially relevant if you're making a few and you cut a few corners and do this with a topstitch on the machine.

Unfortunately it did frost last night and looks like another tonight but I'm busy being Pollyanna and playing the glad game so we just need to be "glad" we may still be able to cut some crop and sell it for hay. Also desperately trying to be supportive, encouraging and optimistic wife as I know how this kind of disillusionment can affect a man who has put his heart and soul into his work.

Things that need to be achieved by the end of the week:
1. Christmas joy boxes packed and delivered to co-ordinator.
2. Fancy dress outfit delivered to single Dad friend's daughter. (Whose Mum will not get Mother of the year as she left him for another woman, which is their business, but barely seeing her child and not being willing to sew Fancy Dress clothes is bad mothering that I do take issue with!)
3. Christmas Eve service program, notes and parts allocated for Sunday School.
4. Find sponsors for book giveaway at my promoting literature to new mothers talks.
5. Baby blanket sewn for neighbor.
6. Borders on expensive quilt.
7. Sew blocks together on bargain red and white quilt.
8. Normal helping at School, Bible Study group and farm stuff.

Joy in Daily life today: watching my two kids running like mad things way off in the distance through a paddock of long grass. It reminded me of great summer/spring days with my brothers and sisters. Also when my boy kept yelling out to me whenever I started some job, "where's Mummy darling to give me a big cuddle?" You've really got to drop everything then, don't you. Cheers, tracey

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Libby said...

Thanks for sharing the chook pattern - -I made one sometime back, but have forgotten what I did. They come in quite handy as gifts and the gift giving season is coming.