Friday, October 20, 2006

Another day of Mothering.......
You know how I said I miss the kids when they are at School, well I also miss the quiting time when they are not. Does that make me a bad mother.. or a good quilter? No real answer, today both of them are here so I am still housebound and unable to devote my day to the deliciously and delightfully daydreamed about tasks awaiting me in the Quilting room I can see but can't abandon them too. So you get more blog and more comments on your blogs, hope that's ok.
Oh, son is not sick, simply refused to get dressed, eat or leave for School so he is requiring the most supervision as boys who do not go to School are not allowed to leave their rooms, watch TV or have any fun. How I would love to just curl up with the two of them on the couch, eat biscuits and have a family day but I know I would then get the same act on Monday and they do have to go to School.

Anyway, enough Parenting 101, though ideas and encouragement will always be appreciated. Here are a few things that I like and hope you may too. I think I know which order the photos will be on the blog so I'll work on that theory and say that photo #1 is the Wonderwall. This could mean it's a wonderful wall, a wall of wonder and awe or just what it usually is-"I wonder what I could do with that, I wonder if that looks good, I wonder if I will finish that and I wonder what I will do next?" The big draped quilt is another one of my ideas that started with a 5 inch sample pack and has dramatically grown. My Mum gave me a voucher at my favourite warrnambool quiting shop for my Birthday and my Mother-in-Law gave me money, so I recklessly paid real money for this gorgeous Moda faded memories range. It needs a border because I think I may horrify my husband and place this feminine creation on our bed.
Chooks, chooks and more chooks. I love this quilt,entitled "Chook heaven." It hangs in my kitchen. It took me well over a year to collect the fabric . The chooks are all different pieced and appliqued ones, a lot of the applique came from my children's favourite animal stories so it is therefore precious to them as well. No pattern, all made up and it was one of my first 5. I can photograph more detail of blocks if anyone wants a close-up.

The final for today, as I have to do some housework and draft sheep, is a few of my little chooks. I've just done a few more in brights, I'll give you a close up when they have rice and eyes. Some of these pictured are the standard fabric ones and some are the log cabins, Huge hit at fetes. Cheers, tracey


Melzie said...

aw cute chickens! I wish I knew how to make one lol. You do great work. I too make staying home a drag so as not to encourage too many (non)sick days. :) xoxo melzie

sossy said...

I think your chickens are great! My mom does chickens in her chicken ao I am working on an idea for a wall hanging.

Your site is great. Keep blogging. I saw they buckets hanging in your sewing room picture. Do you use those for scraps?

The Calico Cat said...

You have a whole hen house full of "chooks."

Linda C. said...

You are right . . . I love the chooks!

When I suspected my sons were not sick, I made them do dishes, or run the sweeper, or whatever it took to make it so boring and bad, that they couldn't wait to go back to school!

Angie said...

How do you do that????? Just make them up???? Wow! ALL of your quilts are wonderful! And those chick pin cushions are adorable. What did you fill them with?

Elaine Adair said...

Stay strong, Mom! Hey, it's a tough job, but you're doing the right thing, kepeing him in his room, if he's not sick.

Your quilts and projects are AWESOME! I'm going to add you to my links.

Chickens? My first try, yesterday, was ... not so great .. but I will try again, thanks to your inspiration.

Carrie said...

Great stuff! I love the chicken quilt - too cute!

Have a great day! God bless :)