Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jack Frost still keeps away..........
The "experts" inspected the crops yesterday and said to cut a few paddocks, but that generally eveything should still be fine-- as long as we don't get any frosts in the next 2 weeks while everything is coming out in ear. That's all very well but we have had 4 frosts in the last 2 weeks and all weather reports said severe last night and tonight. Didn't look good when I locked up the chooks but mercifully clouded over last night, so we are one day down! I could say God looked after us but if it frosts tonight then I would almost think he didn't and as we still have plenty to eat, each other( and a room in which to quilt) we are constantly looked after.

So today's post is of my Harvest quilt made 3 year's ago in January after a "Star Harvest" which is it's title. The background fabric had been a Christmas present from a lovely friend, it has pumpkins and the like on it. The stars are all a marbley fabric. It started as a Washing machine cover as I loved my new washing machine. Then washing machine started to play up so was undeserving of a cover and it is draped on my lounge. I like stars.

The next photo is the first quilt I made when I didn't know what I was doing and purchased an eye-spy pack. I told you I would take a photo. Archie, my Japanese Spitz, who never leaves me whilst outside is modelling next to it for you. The flying geese are actually half square triangles sewn together, how they hurt my patchwork eye now! Daughter received this for Birthday 3 and it is still layered on her bed under fit for a Princess each night.

I am presently making one of my log cabin chooks and have taken a few photos of the process, I'll post them tomorrow for those interested.
The blue buckets in my sewing room are labelled, one, one 1/2 and 2 inch strips and I throw suitably cut scraps in there as I go, for later. Must go, I have to help with catering for a Wedding today for School fundraising. Tracey


Angie said...

Both of those quilts are beautiful! Love them! I too really like stars...and I also like the half sq. triangle geese. :)

Libby said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for no frost. Your quilts are beautiful and the model, too.

Dawn said...

Oh man! All these posts I missed are soo great! Geez, your making me drool on my keyboard!