Monday, October 16, 2006

New to Blogging!!
Well, here goes!! I have very little idea how this works... I wanted to reply to something I found and now I have a blog! Aint the World amazing. Don't you ever think....what if this little step I'm taking is the start of a new interesting part of life? It's like when you meet someone new and you get that excited feeling that this stranger may come into your life and stay-they may be that most prized of all possessions-a great friend, or marry your husband's bestman(which is another story!) or even better (almost)---love to make quilts.
What's going on with me? This year baby#2 (my boy, 6y.o) started school, and left me on my lonesome childwise. Baby #1 (my girl, 8y.o) is in Year 2. It takes some getting used to-some free time!
Unlike some of the other blogs I've been reading where it is snowing, we are in great need of rain already and it's only the beginning of our spring. I am ever optimistic that it will come and hay and crops will be salvageable for everyone. Here are babies and last year's crop from out my front window. (Grampian mountain range in rear.)

I have always loved quilts and basically learnt to sew 6 years ago so I could turn an eye spy pack into a quilt for my daughter, took a year, (had her and a new baby who never slept anywhere near all night until he was 4 and a half) but it well and truly got me hooked. I always felt that even if I sewed just a couple of stitches in a day I could at least show some achievement. I know mothering is an achievement, but quilting really helped me on the days I struggled to see the forest from the trees. I'll perhaps find a photo of the first one and put it on. It's still used, just had others added!

For some reason my computer wont allow me to upload any more photos so the quilts will have to wait until tomorrow!



Dawn said...

Oh that picture of the kids in the field of flowers is amazing! I can't even imagine being in a field like that with mountains in the distance!

sossy said...

I am new to blogging and have only been quilting for about 6 years. I have a three year old so I don't always get the sewing time I want, but nap time is always good for a few stitches. I am really enjoying this blogging stuff, too.