Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilts and walnuts and calves...

Where do the weeks disappear to? We had a great weekend away in Adelaide a few weeks ago, (Holdens won.) The only trouble was coming back to the cars after the race and we were one short!! Luckily ours was back at the holiday park, but it meant we bought a few extra dejected passengers home. Sad when you work your whole life for something good and others see it as a reason to steal. They've had no news so insurance is stepping in.

I finished another quilt...amazingly! I did most of the top last year at quilt retreat, an old friend wanted a quilt recently and this fit the bill, I finished it off to suit her and added a free pieced version of her daughter's name to the back as a surprise. It was made from a batik scrapbag from hancocks, I love the colour effect.

I have just about worked out a walnut routine, has been a lot of trial and error, i have a great husking machine...want to see?

Efficient, green energy...and cute as well!

He just loves pounding those walnuts and we have fun doing it together...think the finished product looks fine, I am freezing them all for Claire's fig and walnut chutney. The figs are late, probably the tricky season, just starting to ripen this week..and no chutney from them, they've all been eaten by me.

We are still trying to get the linseed off, one paddock done yesterday, it would be VERY nice to get the harvest finsished. It should all be getting worked up for the new planting now!

The agronomists are all doom and gloom about all the greenery and weeds the rain have caused, it is going to cost a fortune to spray it,.. and then hopefully it will burn. The agronomists say if we can't burn we can't crop. That would get getting serious!

Dh hurt his back the day after we came home from Adelaide, it's finally coming good but I have had to help him mark the calves that are being born every day...that involves an identification tag in one ear (see here on the left) and a number in the other if it's a girl, as this one is. If it's a boy it gets a ring on it's nether regions...none of which hurts the calf. I wish I had photos of me running across the paddocks to get the active ones...and turning them over to mark. The funnist bit is me attempting to lok nonchalant in front of Dh and act like the little blighters aren't hard to hold!But they are very cute!

Taking my girl to her school deb ball tomorrow night, a lot of friend's kids are in it-and a lot of her school frinds will be there, have to dress up...lets just say she is much more enthusiastic about this than me....but at least I'm happier than I would have been 8 kgs ago!!

Better run, I have a market to prepare for in the morning, hope you are great and bloggers, hope to visit!


Chookyblue...... said...

nice to hear your still around..........very dry here.......

Saska said...

You band your calves when they're this small? We wait until they get about 600lbs!