Monday, March 14, 2011

Burning, birthday... and bieber!

Trying to get my house organized enough to disappear for school adventure camp with my daughter for the next few days, then be back home only a night before heading off to Adelaide for my annual dose of fuel injection...the Clipsal V8 supercar races.
A note to card order people, markets had really lowered my stocks, the card business has been crazy, new stocks arriving this week and al cards will be delivered asap.
We have had a few warm days so all the cereal grains are harvested, only the linseed to come. We have started burning the stubbles. We try not to burn much anymore but given the wet seasonal conditions it is the only way to get rid of the rubbishy weeds, fungi and secondary growth in the paddocks.

Darling daughter is now a teenager, had a dozen girls over for a party, they had to make their own cupcakes, decorate cupcakes and gluten free pavlovas (I'm an equal opportunity party holder!) and her birthday cake...also pin the hair on a bald Justin Bieber!

The highlight was the chocolate fondue fountain, we only get it out a few times a year, always makes me feel like the Vicar of Dibley!! It really should be illegal.

Posted by PicasaI'll leave you with a rose from this week, the roses are loving this wet summer/autumn. Better run, have to clean out the car to get kids in....heaven help me!


Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. I can imagine what a hit the fondue party must have been.

Calidore said...

Happy Birthday to the teenager. Don't they grow up fast? Looks like the party was a hit. Hope the burning goes well and you get to enjoy time away.

Ruth's Place said...

13! Wow, that means I've been reading your blog for a long time :) The party looks like a blast.

Mama Koch said...

Your daughter is so pretty!

I bought some roses at the farm store the other day to plant. I haven't had much success before, but am going to try some "organic" stuff from the barn this time.

Julie said...

Lots of fires around here at the moment too. Good photo, they look amazing at night. said...

Happy birthday to your daughter, Have a good day.