Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Real love...or a great scratching post!

Archie and Shaggy spend every day like this, hard to get photos...the glass distorts them and if I go outside they both run to me. But I had to share these few I took.
Any good ideas for a suitable caption???

Archie waiting patiently for Shaggy to return!!


Ozjane said...

Am so tempted with "shake that old devil off your back" but could I say that about a cat??

Calidore said...

Sorry no idea for a caption but a whole lot of envy here. Why my cat and two dogs can't be like that I will never know. Milly (heeler) thinks Jess (cat) is a chew toy much to Jess's disgust..vbg.

Libby said...

Oh what darling photos - true friends, indeed *s*