Sunday, February 06, 2011

Some good reads...

I have lived in Australia my whole life.....but I cannot believe the past few months here. Torrential and unseasonal rain, heatwaves, floods, cyclones and now serious fires in the West start to make you it climate change, is it something ort of the book of Revelations...or is it just everything Australia has been throwing at its people for thousands of years and it has occurred all at once. I don't have the answers, I just can't believe the country.

This week we have managed to get some more crop off, we were very fortunate that the 4 inches that occurred around our state due to the tail of the cyclone didn't occur here..or we would have had to park the headers for the rest of the harvest and write it all off, with only a quarter of the seeds off. We have already had to buy a chaser bin to get the grain out of the paddock, but still could not do almost a quarter of the latest paddock.chaser bin is the middle one, pulled by a mud friendly tractor!

On an entirely different note, I have been doing some book purchasing..and received a few... in the last few months and haven't shared! Tonya Ricucci's Word Play quilts arrived, thanks to postage free Book depository. I LOVE it!! My word quilts should be far improved excuse!! It is with Skinny quilts and table runners. I saw a beach quilt made out of this in Chookyblue's SSCS wrap up photos and loved it..even though I'm not a big pattern girl. It has some other fabulous quilts in it, very happy with that purchase. It was also available at Book Depository.
Posted by Picasa Searching for a 2011 quitling diary at Book depository and ended up following links to the 7 minute difference. It was perfect timing, I love to try and be more organized, especially starting a new year. The book gives you heaps of good ideas..and the diary has heaps of room for planning and organizing your priorities..and day.
A little bit of spiritual food as well. Quilts from heaven is a great little patchwork related devotion book and Francine Rivers Lineage of Grace follows the stories of the women in Jesus line. It is written in a novel type format and is fabulous, we studied the stories at Bible Study.
My gorgeous friend Robyn bought me The Elm Tree quilts book for my birthday, not realising that Anne Ida's quilt is featured in it. I have always wanted to read "These is my Words" and bought it for self for Christmas!
I bought myself Billy Joel's biography as well, I LOVE him. I have spent January with his all time greatest hits collection on the car CD stacker and I am proud to tell you my children now sing all his songs in the that it 'good bringin' up'!!! I adore my boy's rendition of 'I a-aa-am an Innocent m-a-aan' in the shower"!!
His hairline foot fracture and raging tonsilitis (that both combined to force a week on the couch) have improved, and I can safely say I never want to see that lion caged again!!
And finally, and very importantly, my sister gave me the Pioneer Woman Cooks for my birthday, what a beautiful woman .... and book! She is currently doing press for "Black heels to tractor wheels" which is being released. I have been watching her live on the US today show. Funny to hear her speak after following her writing so long. Great books! Amazing to think her writing career came from being bored one day and starting a blog! Chance may have started her, Talent got her to where she is though!!
Hope you see some thing that interests you, if you have any more recommendations that suit me, drop me a line. Have a great day, Tracey


Margaret said...

Happy to hear that you were able to ge the crop off. And thankyou for the book purchases I have a birthday for a daughter coming up so my order is already at Book Depository. I had looked at all the books a week or so ago but couldn't make up my mind.

Jodie said...

Glad you manged to get more crop off. The weather ??? I have no idea - its bonkers.

Ozjane said...

yes also glad you got a crop off...yazi flung her wanton woman's ways in my direction the other night.
Could she not keep her tail out of Vic???
We are fine.....a few ceilings to be replaced but thankfully it was from above and was clean water not from the earth and dirty.
chaos photos here.
I am a bit delayed with mail, but found my list so will get to posting to you this week I hope.

Ozjane said...

I intended to say...I have that quilt devotion book and a couple of others and have you read the scarlet thread by francine rivers.....tis in my car boot to give away if you want it.

Jo-Anne said...

I have family in QLD and they have been talking about all the strange weather over there. It's just crazy. We have also had some unusual weather here in the US. Here in AZ it has been so cold that some areas are totally out of natural gas to heat their homes. Water pipes have frozen and burst.

You will LOVE "These is my Words". It is such a good book that I have read it a few times! :) There are two sequels after it that you will probably want to read as well....."Sarah's Quilt" and "Star Garden".

Quilts And Pieces said...

You will love "These is my words". I loved that book. You have quite a few great new books!

Calidore said...

Thank you for showing up the books. I have put "These is my words" and another by the same author on hold at the library. They sound like they will be a fantastic read. So glad that harvest is going ok and you are all coping. Who knows what the weather is doing - it's completely crazy and it's only February!!! Makes me wonder just what the rest of the year will be like.

loulee said...

Wow, plenty of books to keep you going. I saw that skinny beach quilt too, it's amazing.
Good to see at least one small part of your country managing to carry on almost as normal. It's been a weird weather year!!

Mama Koch said...

What are you harvesting? The stalks kinda look like wheat.

If you heard Ree, then you would know what I sound like. She's only a couple of hours north of me. She's definitely an Okie!

Tonya Ricucci said...

awful weather thats for sure. glad you've got some fun reading!

Carol said...

Wooo hooo, I knew you were a woman of discriminating taste! Billy Joel. Love love love him. Have seen him 6 times in concert.

And Book Depository rocks doesn't it?

Janet said...

Love the Pioneer Wooman, too!