Saturday, February 12, 2011

All clucky here!

Quality control with your hen eggs is very important. You really need to be able to guarantee a perfect egg every time. I can do this...pretty much every time! I start to have trouble in my chookyard at this time of year. late Summer I seem to get so many eggs..and so many clucky chooks. I usually try to have all my clucky chooks separated so no-one lays on top of them, but have a look at today's walk in the chookyard and you'll see why everyone can't be isolated!!
Yes, you're right, there's 10 sitting..and that's just the ones I can find! Actually, notice 2 are hatching, found that out when i went to take your photos! They sit anywhere, even in the top of the wood a yabby net! (middle above) Any dark corner, bit of hay...they really don't care!
If I collect the eggs a few times every day quality control is good, I find all the fresh ones, leave the others behind and the world is good...but if I miss a day...or heaven forbid...go away, all the trouble starts. What happens then is that we have to keep any doubtful ones that may have been sat on a day or two. I break them into a cup before using them, so can check. I also keep all the small eggs, here, from the bantams and pullets. On these days we eat a lot of quiches and egg and bacon do the district!
I have a new favourite recipe that I thought I would share. It is SO easy it is embarrassing, but incredibly cheap!
Here's what you need, basically!
-Eggs...however many you want,
-shoulder bacon, ham, normal bacon...whatever you have really. I use three pieces of the big shoulder bacon, lightly cook it in the pan..with the onions/garlic
-an onion, cut up small and cooked lightly, can add a bit of garlic in..natural flavours!
-Pita bread,
-grated cheese
To make: Just line a casserole dish with the pita bread/wrap. (Don't cook it, just as is- fresh)
Throw two pieces of the bacon in, folded so it fits. Then just break 3 or 4 eggs straight onto the top and a fair bit of the onion. Cut the last piece(s) of bacon and layer on top, add some more eggs and rest of onion. Could add a shake of S&P if desired, then just a handful of grated cheese sprinkled over the top and cook for around 40 minutes on medium oven until eggs are well cooked through. This is amazingly cheap, Aldi has a 5 pack of the Pita bread for $1.29, the bacon to make about 6 for $7, cheese enough to make 6for $4 ish, even if you buy the eggs, it's not dear. So I make a few of these at once, they will freeze but aren't quite as nice....need more chutney on top at serving! There's just something about it fresh. It is fabulous cold! Best 'Take with' quiche type thing because it is quite solid, good enough to stay together for school lunches. Replacing the pastry with the pita bread makes it a much healthier version as well.
Last Monday we had lemon chicken with scalloped potatoes, the next day i put the left overs into the pie, layers of chicken and potato worked beautifully...just made it thicker.
Here's one I prepared earlier
All ready for a bite!

Got to run..and sew..and write a children's address for Church tomorrow, and plan 2 meeting agendas, but here's my new card thanks to my very clever blogging friends!!
Posted by PicasaThanks for all the walnut advice...who knew it was that tricky!!! I can't wait to see if I can get some to cooking with stage. Have a great day, Tracey


Narelle said...

Can I ask how you mark the eggs for setting so you know which ones are fresh?
Will have to purchase a few of this card ... it's me to a 'T'.

Annie said...

Hi Tracey, my chooks have been going clucky too - I only have 5 though, so it's only usually one at a time. Thanks for the recipe idea.

Calidore said...

No clucky chooks here so far but I do have one who insists on hiding her eggs....grrrr. Thanks for the recipe too - looks fabulous and I do have just a few eggs....roflmol.. Hope the weather is being cooperative and hubby's harvest is progessing well. Been thinking of you all.

Ruth's Place said...

I love that card!

We had a clucky chook this year, but sadly her eggs didn't hatch. I think she might still be a bit young.