Tuesday, February 01, 2011

MY New year start!!

My year is about to start!! Doesn't quite work in with January 1st, my timetable, I can't get into New year resolutions and schedules while the kids are on holidays and expect me to spend time with them, not doing my own stuff (how rude, really!! LOL)Posted by Picasa But,I am now getting myself ready for the approaching school bus and the 'freetime" (sometimes!!) that brings. Bought 'the 7 minute difference', and the diary from one of my Book depository sojourns..and it's working wonders already. Was looking at my patchwork goals and thought, MUST get more done than last year, which really felt like a sewing desert. As part of the prioritising I looked at what i had achieved..and was actaully quite surprised, so i thought i would share for historical reference...there were a few weeks there after my computer died when it looked like this blog was one of the only receptacles of my photos!!
Quilt tops, finished quilts, skirts, bags, santa sacks and aprons. Fair bit of variety. Everything has gone to someone else except the couple of unfinished quilt tops. Hopefully all those quilt tops will be finished this year, along with a few in the UFO stash. There are also a lot of quilts I want to make...SUCH a long list. I'm lookin forward to the challenge. What are your plans for patchwork in 2011, maybe posting what you've done might motivate you as well, I know many have done it already or continually update in their sidebar. i have been trying to work out what i like the best, what's your favourite from my year's work?
The header was repaired ready for a good go in hot weather today. For those interested, it was a rotor bearing (i think)! We are only onto our own third paddock of wheat (we work with the rest of the family) so harvest is going to go well into February and close to March for some crops. The joys of the weather!
have a great day, Tracey


Needled Mom said...

How could anyone pick a favorite? Your projects are all great. Isn't it amazing when we look back at all that we did in a year's time?

Good luck with the harvest.

Chookyblue...... said...

good to see the year is now stating for you..........feels like we are back into it once school starts.........kids go back monday.........

JetAviator7 said...

I love the quilt at the top with the name on it. Isn't it wonderful when the kids go to school and you have time to do what you want?

I love to run and photograph airplanes, so I keep active as much as possible. However, my back gives me some trouble so I have to use one of the teeter inversion tables at the local gym in order to keep my back limber and working well.

My wife knits hats, scarves and blankets which are quite lovely.

Susan said...

Wow, you were really busy! And almost all given away. I'm glad you post a lot of pics on your blog!