Friday, July 10, 2009

Random musings, VERY random patchwork scarves and two winners.

School holidays only have a day or two to run here.

I have had a lesson reaffirmed.

Don't believe reviewers in relation to kid's movies!! I did know this already, kids movies and adult reviewers aren't always a happy mix. Reviewers told me Ice Age 3 was a 4/5 and H. Montana a 2/5. Well, for all those Australians only just getting to School holidays, some advice from me is that I would sit through hannah a few more times but i actually slept through a section of Ice age!!I am wondering if the reviewer did, hence the 4! No zing, a big disappointment to me (and my girl) after the first 2 were great.The 5 and 9 yo boys said 'not bad', but they were the only ones. I feel old, but with kid's movie tickets exceeding the $10 mark well and truly here, and adults are heading for $16-you can understand the advent of the downloaded movie! Movies days are an expensive treat and it especially feels like a waste when you sleep! I could have bought the DVD in a month or two at full price and still had lots left over for 'groceries'. (read ..fabric!!)

Ashes cricket is looking interesting, starts here at about 8 pm. I am trying to go to bed by midnight and tape the rest. I find it very hard to go to bed with good cricket on!

Last night I played with some scraps while watching so as not to be wasting all my time. Seemed like an improvement on cleaning the kitchen.

My friend, Chris had a few H. Bailey bits left over at Quilters one night. She knows I like scraps so threw them my way. They were fairly small and thin, so perfect for a scarf play.

Longer would probably be better, but as all quilters know, a container of scraps only stretches so far. It's nice and warm, and long enough to fold around the neck and have the ends tucked in.

I decided to make another, bit bolder this time. I took an in process photo for anyone who hasn't use the flip and press method onto a foundation piece. The foundation piece was calico cut to the size and length I wanted. I just fairly randomly sewed, flipped and pressed.

When i was finished I just sewed the polar on, right side to right side, left one end open then turned the whole thing through and top stitched the ends. Took about an hour, total!

It is actually quite straight, just looks curvy draping on the couch. I think a bit of free motion quilting would go well, as long as you didn't make it scratchy or hard around your neck, it's nice and soft as is.

Has anyone else tried one? Drop me a comment and perhaps a link, because I think they could be a fun was to use up bits and pieces...and great presents...for the right person!

Onto my card site winners.

Thanks for all the lovely comments. The thing it really bought home to me was that almost everyone picked a different favorite, personal taste is a tricky thing to cater for. That's my excuse for constantly adding to the range. A big welcome especially to new readers and bloggers, HI!

My helpers pulled 2 names from the hat; Gina, who lives somewhere near the cricket! And Clare's craftroom. If those girls want to drop me a line, we will extend on the favourites and they will be on their way.

The neighbor decided our cold wet weather was perfect for burning down an old tree last night. It was windy and sparks were flying everywhere so it almost looks like fireworks coming off it.

Have a great day, Tracey


Needled Mom said...

Great looking scarves, Tracey. They sound cozy too.

I never listen to the movie critics. They seem to be in their own worlds.

loulee said...

Good looking scarves!

Jane said...

Those are mega scraps.
I wonder why scraps are more exciting than yardage?
Maybe there is more challenge.
sad about the movies. I have trouble sitting through them...physical issues, so usually wait till TV and often wondered why people buy them but with kids it sure would make sense. Especially when they are good ones that they watch over and over.
I can see it is too many years since I have babysat. LOL.
Not I am not able to chase them or pick them up I am no longer baby sitting material. I used to have two who stayed over a lot and they were treasures....Alas they moved, their Mother died and although I saw them a week before have had no contact since. Unfortunately you cannot tell others how to cope with grief. But Oh I miss what would be mid teens now.

Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for the movie reviews as was considering maybe one next weekend if we go to the big smoke....
nice scarves..........

Chocolate Cat said...

Well the girl in my house 'loved' the Hannah Montanna movie, best movie ever!! I wouldn't know as I wasn't invited along!! Tried to take Sharron to Ice Age yesterday and it was sold out!!!!!!! Love the scarves! A good inside today by the sounds of things outside, might get that quilt finished!!

AnnieO said...

My sister made me a wonderful scarf, wider and longer than yours, that is backed with Minkee and has glass bead trim. I love it! Yours look very smart and are sure to keep you cozy. Am waiting for Harry Potter which opens next week here...My DDs are going to the midnight show and have had their tickets for weeks (and they are 19 and 21 years old LOL!)

Margaret said...

Isn't the cricket great ... especially when we are posting 100son the board, Yopur scrappy scarves look very warm , cosy and chic. Good one tracey . I am waiting for the bugler at Cardiff to play Howzat.

Margaret said...

Isn't the cricket great ... especially when we are posting 100son the board, Yopur scrappy scarves look very warm , cosy and chic. Good one tracey . I am waiting for the bugler at Cardiff to play Howzat.

Cascade Lily said...

Groceries=fabric. Love it!

Gina said...

love the scarf and please thank your helpers for pulling my name out of the hat. 've sent an email to you

Love and hugs Gina xxx