Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Of exercise, finished quilts and a fast approaching big day!

Wow, has anyone tried to fit in a good amount of exercise into their life lately? Really sucks up those few precious "spare" hours that I would normally have stolen for sewing. I wonder, in the comments, whether you think it is difficult to be thin-ish and a quilter as well, do the two go together?
Now, why would I do such a silly thing as sacrifice sewing for exercise, well, 1. It's good for all of us AND 2. I have tried and tried but cannot invent a suitable machine that I can exercise on as I sew. But the big point number 3. is that I have only 2 and a half weeks left until I hit a very big birthday...and I can't keep calling it baby weight if the baby just turned 9, can I??? So, since about last birthday I have been doing the odd gym class, definitely got fitter, but haven't appeared magically slim. How much of a miracle can occur in less than 3 weeks...probably not much! Luckily clothes size doesn't make the man...or in this case, woman!
The cards are keeping me busy, thanks to all those who have ordered, many on their way and more being mailed off hopefully tomorrow..Narelle!
raining again tonight, but we had enough let off this last week for Dh to get back on a few more paddocks to get some more barley sown.
When shifting him from paddock to paddock I spotted a few unexpected visitors,
I tried to get nice and close to these Brolgas, but this is the best I could do. They hang around in pairs, around wetlands. I don't think thse are nesting here, still flying around deciding where to settle.
And these black swans are doing the same thing, back through the same wetlands, except there isn't enough water for them here, this can be a full swamp. DH hopes it doesn't fill because that means a wet year for croppers! There are plenty of other lakes for them to nest in around here, they build fantastic nests in mounds in the swamps, last few dry years it is a race to see what happens first, the water dry up enough for the foxes to get to them..or they successfully get the babies hatched and away.
Bushfire blocks/quilts continue to call back in here and disappear again-to many homes. Kath from my quilting group recently gave these to me, anyone recognize their blocks?
A star block stack and whack.
Kath's sister-in-law donated this post and rail in muted green shades.
Now, were these start Libby's? Think so,I will have to check, look fabulous as a table runner.
Well, quarter to midnight..again! Even without cricket on I am up too late! Shouldn't mention the cricket, a heartbreaking loss last night, oh well, 3 more tests to get it right!
Have a great day,


Kim said...

A good mix of things happening there at the farm. I have to say that there is a similar weight issue among quilters. If we walk a mile for every 2 hours we spend sewing we might be able to maintain our girlish figures, lol, like that's going to happen?! Fun to see bird visitors take a rest there in your field while resting for their journey ahead. Hope the fields dry.

Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck with the exercise...........send the brolga's to my house........lol........

Libby said...

No official exercise program happening here. Still I was surprised when I easily pulled on a pair of jeans yesterday. Seems all the lifting and toting of boxes in prep for moving is just as good as going to the gym *s*

I do recognize those stars - I'm glad they will be going to a good home.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that the quilting that I do doesn't seem to go with the exercising. And you are correct that at some point it can't be called baby weight.....I wish it wasn't so but my baby turned 32 in February, and I really can't blame him!!! Oh well, I really would rather quilt. Love the shots of your visitors.
Hugs, Barb

Cascade Lily said...

I agree - it's a choice between sewing and exercising. In winter sewing definitely wins. Throw into the mix some study and a needy baby and there's not much time left during daylight hours!

Ali Honey said...

My advice would be a bit of both. Some short stints of exercise interspersed with quilting. ( put the timer on and obey it ) Good luck. Enjoy what you do although with exercise that is sometimes diificult, but apparently small blocks of exercise all count!

loulee said...

It beats me how you think you're over weight, you never seem to stop! I've been exercising too and like you I've toned up a little, changed shape a little, but the scales still tell the same old story!! I found that the tape measure has become my good friend, it shows me what the scales don't. I am changing and all the hard work is paying off! Good luck and keep it up.

Joy McD said...

A quilter's exercise program:

Set up sewing machine, cutting board and ironing board on different sides of the house!

Love the star stack and whack :)

Margaret said...

Let some of the chooks loose and then you can run after them, Nah probably not a good idea.

SunshineCoastMum said...

I love Joy's idea, then you can sew and keep fit. Seriously though I recently had a special occasion and went on a soup diet for 5 days and lost a small amount. Just enough to get my jeans to fit.

Shasta said...

I have seen some slim quilters, so I think it is possible. I think it has to do with balance - I don't think quilting itself is very sedentary, unless you count the hand stitching the binding, or if you do a lot of other handwork. I think you can fit in exercise, which will hopefully give you more energy to sew.

Most of it just has to do with my sitting around reading blogs. I have my ironing table upstairs, so I do have to go up and down a lot when I am sewing.

AnnieO said...

Is that big number one that ends with "aught"? Those can be scary. You're right about not being able to quilt on a treadmill, too many higher brain functions going on there at once! There's only one way to lose weight--"eat less, move more". I have no great trouble with the former, but a lot with the latter! Thanks for sharing your pics of the bushfire quilts, wonderful views.

graceamazes said...

The wonky purple and pink stars are mine! Glad to see them come together!