Wednesday, December 03, 2008

'Tis the season

Can someone remind me next year that I should have all my great gift ideas more than 3 weeks before Christmas??

I decided just about every important family member should get calendars with all their important people on them. Should have perhaps factored in the amount of time it takes all my in-laws to get pictures of their kids to me, then for me to collage, then order, then start all over again on someone else in the family. Add to that the 40 page photobook I am doing for my Dh and the ones I intended doing for the kids...then 2 markets on the weekend that just about wiped me of cards...and an order for 120 of 10 different farm and Bible verse cards from the local Christian bookshop and I honestly think I may look like a computer!!

Had my AGM for Ladies fellowship today and am happily still President, that is one role I don't get too stressed about...a few other ones are disappearing in 2009, hopefully!

I've found I haven't had enough hours in my weeks to do much of what I like, -sometimes i think working would be a better option than a stay at home mum who is too busy to stay something needs to make way and the family draw the line at them!

The weather has been drizzly so no baling a for a few days, i thought I would show you my excellent (??) skills at raking hay!

Here's my view from the tractor, my job description stipulated that the bar in the centre of the pile of grass there had to STAY in the centre.

Now, my very tough boss should realise that straight line work is really not my forte, it is still quite a struggle to sew a straight line without getting distracted...let alone keep a bar in the centre for a few days!

I just accidentally showed him these pictures and got the look, "how can you be concentrating on keeping the front straight if you are taking photos of the back view"!!! Ha, can tell he's a man and has never applied lipstick while expertly driving a car!! And he just never understands about the need to get the picture for the blog...probably because after 2 years he has not quite worked out I have one!!

Here is the test, vital that the line of raked hay where I have put 3 rows into one, is straight and inclusive...looks pretty darn good to me!

And here comes the baler behind me, picking up those neatly raked rows and ejecting the bales.

The next pics are something we aren't quite as happy about.

We received very little spring rain and the experts have all looked at our wheat and say that despite a fairly healthy appearance, there is no milk in the seed heads and that is what becomes the wheat seed so the heads wont fill. The only way to reap any financial benefit is rolling it all as wheaten hay, so that's how DH is filling in his days. doesn't look bad
...but it's just not right.
We are very much playing the glad game here, however, because we are extremely thankful we have something to cut. If you visit Chookyblue have a look at her harvest, enough to break my heart! She is a long way north of here and about a month ahead in growing seasons.
Here is a visitor who watched my scaring off of the quail with keen interest! It is a wedge tailed eagle...and even though I have to fight the odd one off our orphaned lambs, we love them here. They are huge...wikipedia can fill you in if you are interested.


Robyn said...

Now I gotta say I think your hay raking skills are just fine! :o)
We haven't even cut yet...too much rain! Wow did i say that?? :O
I loooove the way you describe 'our' skills, you know the lipstick thing and also, the 'after 2 years...he hasn't quite worked out..blah blah...tee hee
God love 'em!! They're not quilters either (my man included) so they don't really realise 'when' it's
Some things can't wait!
Love to see what you're up to as always!
Rob xx

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh, it's a small world. I found myself enlarging your pictures to try to see what "brand/model" the red tractor was. I figured the greenies had to be John Deere! And as for driving straight, if DH wants straighter rows than I plant--well, he can get someone else! LOL Sorry to hear your wheat didn't fill, been there. It sucks.

Chookyblue...... said...

look straight enough for me tell him to do himself otherwise.......and sad about your srop but atleast you get some more hay.........and my calendars have been going well.......have fun making them and yes if you find 3 weeks to jam in with the other 3 we have left til Christmas share it with me..........

Kerri said...

Hi Tracey. I know you are buzy but this wont take long. I have tagged you. And I hope you play along.

Kerri said...

Tracey. wow you are driving in a straight line to me. They don't understand we need to be doing 20 things at once (even while driving a tractor). My DH rolls his eyes every time he needs me to give him a hand with something. I alway have to bring some stitching, the camera, and a patchwork mag with me. ( You never know if you are going to get stuck with nothing to do). One day they will understand (maybe).

Julie said...

Fabulous job there girl. Love the line about the lipstick. I can just see you lining her up and turning around for that perfect blog photo. Lets hope your husband never discovers the blog.
I'm yet to master tractor driving, I did drive a bit in a past life (ex-boyfriend) don't tell my hubby, I can hear the instructions being dished out if he ever finds out.
Shhh. Julie.

Stephanie said...

I want to know if you wear lipstick while you're driving a tractor. :o)

Needled Mom said...

Having grown up on a farm, I know the importance of straight lines. It is such a pain to keep them so straight. I could definitely keep a straighter line on my machine.

Sounds like you have your hands full with projects. Oh dear! I know they will all be loved.

Jodie said...

Sorry about your crop but as you say someone is always worse off. You and chooky really live such interesting lives - where so much hangs in the balance . You don't get enough rain and it is ruined and then chooky gets too much.....crazy world!

Libby said...

It really does take special folk to live the farm life. It's good to see you have such a great outlook - that's what will get you through *s*

Margaret said...

Have you read Christina Hindaugh's book ?For Better for worse and for lunch. In that book she says that she never has found out where "THERE " is, that is the place her husband wants her to stand. Your rows are perfectly straight for a photographer, mother, President, Jill of all trades take a bow.

Carol said...

hahahahahaha, you have the same thing happen as I do. I leave all my best ideas till November, and then we know November goes by in the blink of an eye and then December is on us and it's too late to finish things.

Must ... finish ... socks ... for ... step-daughter ROFL

Cascade Lily said...

Maybe start work on the Christmas pressies for 2010!! Sorry about your crop. At least you've got some hay to show for it :)

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Shame about the wheat. But enjoyed the comments about the un straight rows. Hope you have a lovely holiday.... missing that warm weather Christmas of the Southern Hemisphere.

Leah said...

Nice raking! And I'm sorry about the wheat. Actually, I just stopped by to tell you I used your log cabin chook instructions - they worked a treat!

Ruth's Place said...

So sorry to hear about your wheat! That seriously sucks.