Wednesday, December 10, 2008

7 things, 12 things or 13......

Thank you to the lovely Kerri, who has nominated me for the 7 things award. And for the other great ladies who have nominated me as well lately. Very much appreciated.
I have been around this blogging world for few years now, and have been given a few tag awards along the way, so i am going to be a great big cheater with this one...and if you haven't been reading me for long then this should update you on some of the relevant information that makes me tick...or not!
I'll share 5 things about me you probably don't know- (2006)
1. I talk to the TV, especially when people are about to do something stupid or embarrass themselves. Drives hub crazy-"it's only TV!"
2. I have cricket on every TV and every radio in the vicinity when it is the season.
3. My perfect retirement would be spent travelling around the World on Australian cricket tours. (Robyn's coming with)
4. I have successfully matchmade two couples who are still married.
5. I travelled to Russia with Uni in 1990 and changed my path in life.
Have a great day.
THE RULES:1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.
Seven random things about me:
1. I Faint... at gore, slicing of skin and needles...UNLESS I am the only responsible adult around and then I magically handle it until another adult comes and takes over-then, and only then, do I collapse on the floor.
This is mercifully watering down over the generations, I am the only one of the children in Dad's line that inherited it, a few of Dad's cousins, as well as dad, did, but 5/10 of Dad's grandparents all had the gene, the family diaries are fun reading!

2. Was the only person in my grade for at least one year of my Primary School education.

3.I don't like ice in freezers, fingernails on chalkboards (even though I was a teacher) or walking barefoot on any kind of smooth concrete...they all give me shivers!

4.I got to the dropping one ski stage of waterskiing before our local lake dried up abour 10 years ago and I haven't skiied since.

5. I fairly casually kissed a man about 16 years ago and for the first time in my life felt it down to my toes....knew I was in trouble right then!

That's why I tell my DD you may have to kiss a few frogs to know your Prince...because we have been married for 13 years in a month or two! (ed.nearly 14!!)
6. Presently have John Denver, Robbie Williams, The best of Marty Robbins, The best of the Dixie Chicks, Country Greats and The Rat Pack in my 6 CD car stacker. Don't hold any of that against me! updated Dec are right into Rolf harris so it's in the car.....("two little boys" makes me cry!), Marty Robbins gunfighter ballads, Best of Frank Sinatra, Smokey's greatest hits, Paul Kelly's greatest hits and Roald Dahl on talking book.

7. Cannot have chocolate in the house or it plays on my mind until I hunt it down...especially Lindt chocolate...darn, reminded myself, now...where can I search!
And you get one more random fact...have now lost a whole 6 kilos since August and I feel great!
Summer bikini here I come...(by about next winter at that rate)!
I am not going to tag because I can't remember who has the no tag in their sidebar and I haven't got time to look!! If you haven't shared and you would like to, consider yourself tagged!

To further celebrate all things weird and wonderful what I want to know is....
1.Can you withstand chocolate in your house
2. What's in your car it as dodgy as mine? and
3. What is this?


Annie said...

Interesting reading Tracey, I'd like to feel it down to my toes one day before I die! I think that yellow thing looks like some sort of flower, and no, I too can't have any choc in the house. Congrats on the weight loss - wish I could say the same!

trashalou said...

At the risk of sounding smug - can have choc in the house for aaaaaaaaaaaages until I feel like some and then BAM! All gone. The kids know not to leave their bootie lying around ;-)

The yellow thing is the WIDE open mouth of a baby bird of some description.

My car is to old to have a cd player let alone a stack! But we have every radio in the house tuned to Radio Four so it can be heard EVERYWHERE!

Needled Mom said...

Interesting read. It's always fun to find out more about bloggers.

1.) We always have a half full bowl of M&Ms in the house. Love them.

2.) Kenny Chesney is in the car CD

3.) A squalking baby bird in search of food.

Nancy said...

I don't even like chocolate.
I listen to country music and the news.
I knew that was a baby bird as soon as I saw it....

loulee1 said...

I love chocolate, but i can and do resist! Don't drive, so no CD. It's a chick, screaming 'FEED ME'.

Chocolate Cat said...

I always have a secret stash of chocolate in the house or I can't sleep!!! (unfortuantly it often needs replenishing - I have resorted to cooking chocolate on a particularly bad day!). My CD collection is pretty dodgy but in the car at the moment is my sons 'heavy metal' so I tend to listen to the ABC radio!

Chocolate Cat said...

and I'm sure the yellow thing is one of your latest babys wanting food!!

Libby said...

Chocolate calls my name. I think that's a little forward, don't you?
My car cd player as Joan Osborne. Only one cd at a time for me . . . . I'm thankful to finally have one at all. Oh, and I love Marty Robbins.
I think the photo is a baby birdie looking for some dinner.

Ginger_Curls said...

I can resist chocolate, until I NEED it for medicinal purposes! There are some days even my staff go and buy chocolate to give me with my coffee!
I listen to the radio in the car most of the time. I have a Vanessa Mae CD that I sometimes play.
I think the yellow thing is the VERY wide open beak of a baby bird. Brilliant picture of it. You must have a fantastically steady hand.

Jodie said...

Chocolate is made to be eaten...I can go ages without it but then the more I eat the more I want.
Have been known, when really desperate to eat Milo from the tin- totally unsatisfying!

Robyn said...

What a great read!!! ha ha
Answers to your questions...

1.Can you withstand chocolate in your house...
Nope not a chance usually...sigh
2. What's in your car it as dodgy as mine?
Nothing right now, but could be Amy Grant, ColdPlay, the Eagles...etc...
3. What is this?
Well of course, that's the seat that Doctor Who sits in, in his Tardis!!!!:O ;)

Have a groovy day,
Robyn xx

Quilts And Pieces said...

Tracey, you never fail to entertain! Yes I can withstand having choc in the house. I have Jane Eyre book on cd in my car cd player right now and I think that is the open mouth of a some kind of bird.

Nancy said...

First-time commenter here..

Yes, I can stand having chocolate in the house, IF IT ISN'T OPENED YET. Once it's opened, forget it! DH is the same way, altho he's usually the one doing the opening: "Babe, what happened to the ginormous bag of chocolate chips I bought for baking?" "Um...are they ALL gone?"

My car has CD's by Yanni, Enya, Toby Keith, Enrique Iglesias, and George Winston....yes, variety is the spice of life!

That's one very hungry baby bird - what an awesome shot!!

Gina said...

I can leave unopened chocolate but as soon asit's opened then i can hear it calling me.
My car CD player has almost a weird mix as yours.
1. AC/DC live
2. Deep Purple
3. Sammy Davis Jnr
4. Tony Hancock ( talking cd)
5. Bob Newhart ( comedian)
6. David Gilmour/Pink Floyd

love and hugs Gina xxx