Friday, October 10, 2008

Of mail and family sewing....

Now, I know none of you would possibly think it to look at me, but I am 39......well past any age I ever went through of caring about labels. No, of course, I, as a sensible farmwife am only interested in comfort, economical choices and practicality in my purchases.
Yes, that sounds about right...

So, today, this came in a parcel from my girlfriend who lives overseas-she is the one whose Mum is getting the 70's fabric string quilt I have shown a little recently.

Now, the sensible farmwife in me would not scream and do a Jennifer Hudson impersonation in S*x in the City when she unwrapped this.......

-and found one of those things she adores the most....a bag!!!

And not just any bag, one of these bags.....

No, a sensible farmwife wouldn't get excited about that at all....(what a lot of fun those sensible farmwives miss out upon!!)

On a completely different note, in a completely different world, I am sewing label-less baby clothes.
My little niece has got me in the mood for making clothes.
I have adapted a bigger pattern of my girl's and had a good play-don't you love elastic necklines for hiding a heap of sins!!
I don't have this beautiful little miniature sumo to model for me today....
...she was just visiting and laughing at her Auntie Tracey yesterday-all that chubbiness at 5 months old just from being B/F- Not a lick of solids has passed that double chin!

So i had to enlist the asssistance of baby Born's modelling skills to try and work out if the neck will be ok.

As my chubby cheek's head is considerably bigger than newborn I am hoping I am on the right track.
(I love working with Baby Born, she never complains when you bend her arms the wrong way and I have never heard her whisper a word of censure over the pins sticking in her!)
I haven't sewn off the elastic yet, I'll take the machine when i go to my sister's next and do a few of the tidying bits down there-I hate unpicking dress seams just as much as patchwork ones!
My clever sister spied the Heather Bailey yesterday so that is how come it is an accent to the denim! I fussy cut and appliqued one of the flowers on as well-bit bright to see, I'll have to get you a real shot when it's on old chubby cheeks!

The kids and I have been desperately trying to get pics of the cats sleeping on Archie. The problem is when we sneak out the door to shoot they wake up...this is the best we could do this morning.
-Arch is such an accommodating shagpile, I mean dog!

Must be off, there are still a few "how to hold my bag so that you can see the label" poses I need to try!!!
Have a great day, Tracey


loulee1 said...

Lucky you. Wow. A girl can never have too many handbags and they can never be too expensive!

Love the picture of the cat and dog. Yesterdays pic of the kids in the crop is cool.

Robyn said...

Oh gosh you make me laugh!! You funny girl... I totally get that though...never in a million years would you
What a wondeful 'sender'! surprise! Any more poses we should see? tee hee.

Thanks for popping by again...I love these drop in visits...real life would be nicer of course :c) Have fun when you get to the's so easy to make.
Made another 'shell' today...need to get stuffing now.
I thought having a few of these made as spares could be a good that's where I'm headed.
ttfn and hugs for now
Robyn xx

Stephanie said...

I'd be worried if you weren't ecstatic over a PRADA handbag. What a special surprise. Waiting for more poses...

Well chubby cheeks is absolutely darling. I think she'll have a wonderful new wardrobe from her aunty.

Carol said...

~sigh~ bags and shoes are the best shopping and presents in the world. What an absolutely gorgeous one that is you lucky duck. As for your kitties, what a perfect place to cuddle up to.

Ginger_Curls said...

lol! What a cute picture of the cats using the dog as a pillow!

Have you tried stuffing a pillow slip as a baby clothes model? Put a drawstring round the middle to create a "neck" and shoulders. As baby grows you add a bit more stuffing in the right places.

Kim said...

PRADA bag is going to be a good conversation piece! The cats sure have a nice snuggle nest. :)

Owens Family Adventures said...

Love the bag!!!!! You should have your hubby take you someplace nice so you can show it off a bit. :)
The picture of the cat and dog are great.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise you can never have too many handbags....and the Prada goody on the side is nice too!!! Love the picture of your neice. I love to sew for my grands. HAve a nice weekend. B.

Libby said...

Great pic of Archie and the kits. Isn't it great when all the animals become the best of pals *s*

Chocolate Cat said...

Wow, what a great parcel to recieve and what a beautiful bag!!! Hope you've got those 'brand showing' moves happening!!