Thursday, October 09, 2008

Digital scrapbooking.

I have mentioned my friend Carol's fabulous digital scrapbooking to you before and some of you may know that her dad finally slipped away after a long battle with illness last Christmas day. Digital scrapbooking has almost overcome patchwork for Carol...but we still like her! There are great examples at her blog.

Carol has scrapped a fabulous page for her Mum in a collection at this link. It is well worth a visit and, if you were so inclined, a vote!

Here's the digiscrapping she did for me last year as a reminder of her talent!

You have probably worked out how much I love this yellow canola crop, this is a pic i took this afternoon...sans children. We are planning this year's kid portrait on the weekend.

So, in scary times international times I don't hardly like to think about, much less blog about (when buying fabric from the US is not the cheap option it was a fortnight ago...lucky I stocked up-told DH all that spending was a saving!!!), who couldn't be happy with this view out their kitchen window, pretty good health and a loving family.
Have a great day,


trashalou said...

It is good to recognise the really important things.

Stephanie said...

I shall always think of your gorgeous fields when I purchase canola oil. I love your kids amongst the yellow.

Robyn said...

Tracey, I really love your perspective!!
It it scary isn't it...uncertain.
But we have our families and that's important.
The view out my farm window is fabulous too, but gosh that is amazing and I especially love the Scrapbooking. I can understand how your friend is hooked on this...Patchwork and Quilting is my first love, but oh gosh Digi scrapping has so many amazing options.
It's so interesting..I love it too!
Wow! I wrote a book. Hava great day :c)
Robyn xx

Carol said...

Oh what a surprise Tracey, you lovely lovely person you. Thank you and thank you to anyone who takes the time out to vote for my page. {{{hugs}}}