Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Heather Bailey fabric play and new ducklings.

We had a beautiful Spring weekend, the crazy kids even jumped in the pool, then yesterday poured and we even had some hail-not enough to damage the crops though, thank goodness. They are all insured for hail but I think the world needs the grain more than we need the insurance.
I have been playing with my Heather Bailey fabric. I adore this fabric but I struggle a bit with it's big bright prints when it actually comes to putting something together, you seem to lose it amongst all it's sister florals.

I decided to cut some 2 inch strips and have a play before I did any serious cutting.

This is the resulting blocks from the yellowy tones. I have mixed the florally Pop garden
up with some more of the more solid Bijoux complimentary range.
I put some of the pink and ice blue floral strips together and definitely thought they looked a bit characterless so I cross cut them and added in black and white polka dots.

I had a couple of strips left so I worked on a post and rail type arrangement with the dots again.
The photos are taken in a huge wind with the yellow canola crop in the background. There are so many people coming out this week to get photos in the crop that DH says we should be charging! There is also a constant stream of planes, we have about 500 acres of it and a lot of the neighbors have it as well, so it is a sea of yellow. Well, we think it is either the canola they are coming to see or Brangelina have moved in next door!

And last but not least after my "playtime"- a bag of course! This was what I originally thought I would like these fabrics for. It is just waiting for a button. It has a plaited handle of the pink and black dots. I just love the big pink floral feature fabric.

Now, I was full of promises last post so I had better deliver on part two, the ducklings.

I took a couple of before shots for you. (The 'ducky' reference is for all you NCIS fans!)

And then we have the afters.....


Didn't ducky-and his yellow friend, turn out cute!

and cuddly.....

and fit in your pocket perfect......

Have a great day, Tracey


Jodie said...

Hi Tracey - there was an article in our local paper yesterday - a skin care company looking for a cow to be there "face" I thought of you and your great cow pics. email me if you want to know where to send some cow pics - One of your cows could be Elle Moocpherson....(sorry i had to do it)

Stephanie said...

Aaaaaaaw the ducklings are just way cute!!! I can imagine a sea of yellow would draw lots of looky loos. 500 acres. Wow!!! I just LOVE what you did with the Heather Bailey and black and white polka dot mix. That's my favorite. Great bag too. I personally know you make great bags!

Cathy said...

Hi there Tracey,thanks for stopping by my blog. I have had fun reading your last post on the canola crop - I love to take photos and would love to take some of your crop. Your quilt is also just gorgeous - and the duckling photos are just beautiful. I am going to add you to my blog list.


anne bebbington said...

Don't those polka dots just make that fabric sing - good call! Love the ducklings in the pocket :o) brightened up my morning a real treat

Cascade Lily said...

What a great idea with the polka dots. And the plaited handle on the bag. Cute duckies :)

loulee1 said...

Awww! Cute lil duckies. You know we're all suckers for your babies!
The pink flower and her visitor in the last post is stunning.

Love the polka dots, perfect.

Brandy said...

I L-O-V-E your yellow and green strip blocks. LOVE THEM!