Monday, June 16, 2008

Quilts for girls

After a day of house cleaning, sheep and the Monday afternoon neighborhood Bible study (that is looking at a lineage of Bible women, it was on Rahab today), I am hoping for a little sewing time tomorrow.

In lieu of new sewing I thought i had better answer a couple of emailer queries. Apparently some would like a closer look at the quilt that presently graces the top of my daughter's pile on her bed. So while I sit here and stream the late nite lounge radio through my computer I will fill you in.

This quilt was all that she asked for for her 7th Birthday. But she wanted the things on it that she loved so I collected up some good stitcheries and appropriate fabrics over a few months and this is what we got.

The castle centre was my design, there is a princess up the top looking out there any other way for a Princess to look?

I wanted a sky and moat type appearance, then I drew out a castle, transferred to the lovely visoflix/fabric and we were off!

Here is some of the detail off the castle-you know you can click on the pictures for a closer look. She was mad on unicorns so i converted a colouring book horse.

The little mermaid is her favourite of those movies, I made her blonde to suit my little mermaid.

Wanted to marry Peter Pan at that point so he got a spot as well.

This is from her favourite b*rbie movie that we both liked.

I think this is a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery, that's meant to be her pet chook.

This one was out of an old magazine, made the cat look like hers at the time.

This is her guardian angel up the top, out of another old magazine.

Some of the detail on the fairy tale fabric.

So now I have fulfilled the girl quilt requests. In the near future I may catch up on a few of the others!-I really do need to find a few more hours in the day!!!

Have a great day, Tracey


Chookyblue...... said...

nice to know what all this was for..........the things we do for our kids........

Kristie said...

That is so pretty and certainly girly! I'm sure she just loves it! You are very creative.

Screen Door said...

Wonderful project--- I'm sure the mermaid loved it...But fast forward about 20 years....Think about how much she will treasure it then. I have a quilt I received from my grandmother for high school graduation. Having a quilt made by family for special occaision is wonderful.

Carol said...

Tracey, this is absolutely beautiful.

Sweet P said...

What a truly wonderful project. She has a quilt I'm sure she will treasure always.

loulee1 said...

Wow, thats pink! And very girly. Isn't it nice when they really appreciate all the love and effort we put in.

P.S. My cards arrived today, thank you.

Libby said...

It's perfect - no wonder it's on the top *s*

liz said...

Hi Tracey,
So glad that your daughter is okay.
I'm sure it must have been a very nerve wracking experience.
Events like this make you realise how special your family and life is.
Lovely quilt. A lucky girl to have a special mum like you to make it.
Take care, Kind regards from Liz.

Rose Marie said...

An adorable quilt and what fun you must have had creating it!