Saturday, June 28, 2008

A birthday

My baby is turning 8.

We could do a multitude of things for his birthday, so how did we end up with this?
He goes to a town school where farmers are in the minority, so we transported his class out to our place on the shortened last day of term for a bonfire, pet lambs at their feet, marshmallows, kicks of the football...and rides from my boy's good dad at nice low speed around the paddock. The kids were beside themselves with joy and all wanted to stay longer...and me, i was just that thankful it didn't rain!!
And what about the cake....In March it was Hannah Montana concert stage, last year a spooky castle, what was this creation?
Well, that would be a Pavlova...with broken up peppermint crisps on top.I had to suck up the fact that he's getting bigger and go with what he wanted...a pav!!
Here he is cutting it, his sister has moved in next to him in the hope he will touch the bottom of the plate and have to kiss the nearest girl!

The sister has had some of her dressings off, this is how one cut looks, I wont give you the close up! She still doesn't like to look at it but is improving.

Took these when going around the sheep the other night, can't quite decide which i like best.-i think the first probably, but the second interests me as well.

That is part of my gratitudes today; a farm that I love, along with smiling happy children who like each other.... and are healthy (today!!) and a workaholic husband who took time out to help me with the party. Life is good.
Hope yours is too.


Kristie said...

Sounds like everyone had such a nice time!!! My youngest son's birthday is Monday, we are having his party tomorrow he will be 6. Love the photos!

May Kristin said...

A belated happy birthday to your son! Seems like they all had a fun day!
Good to see you daughter's arm is getting better!
Have a nice week-end!

Calidore said...

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy. I'm so glad he had a wonderful day. Ohh and pav is perfectly normal for a birthday cake...vbg. One of my little darlings requested cheesecake one does DH every year for his birthday....grin.
The arm is looking good. Time with fade the scar and eventually she won't even remember it's there unless she looks closely. Hope the holidays are good for you all. Lots of sleeping in, crafting and just plain lazing around.

Carol said...

How absolutely fun for all in the class, and well yes lucky it didn't rain because that fun would have turned into a giant panic attack if it was me! lol Happy birthday to the birthday boy. And my goodness she really did a job on her arm didn't she. Is she in any pain now?

anne bebbington said...

What a terrific birthday party - bet the other kids are so envious of yours living where you do. Your little girl was so lucky with that cut that it wasn't more serious. As for the photos at the bottom they're both great but I really love the second one

Owens Family Adventures said...

Happy birthday to your boy!!! Also, I'm so glad that you're daughter is okay. Her arm looks pretty good for what happened to her. Lovely gratitudes. :)

Chocolate Cat said...

A pav is better than the year my darling daughter asked for a mud cake from Safeway! I was devestated!! but she got what she asked for...

Anne Ida said...

A belated happy birthday to your son! Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves!

Happy your daughter's cuts are healing!

Take care and have a great weekend!

Sweet P said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like he had a wonderful day.

I'm happy to see your daughter's arm is getting better.

atet said...

A happy, happy birthday to your son and quick mending to your daughter's arm! Ya know -- suddenly sunburn and strep throat don't sound so bad...

Mama Koch said...

The ouchie looks like it's healing. Poor thing!
Love the windmill. I think I like the second one...but I like the first one too!

Libby said...

Sounds like a fun party for all . . . happy birthday to your son *s*