Friday, February 29, 2008

My apologies.

To very loosely borrow from Monty Python, I am not dead, just a very naughty girl! Sorry that my 4 day holiday stretched to 8, but got home to full on life, which has included my DD having a small relapse of her tummy troubles. We are hoping, after a wonderful 2 1/2 months pain free, that it is just a hiccup.

It was nice to know i was missed though!

Not much sewing happening, the bag tutorial that I can hear the yelling for, will come in the next few days, as will the unveiling of my cards.

Really only got some farm life to share.....hadn't been getting many eggs of late. That was explained by the amount of chooks wandering out of hidey holes with their chickens while I was away, my Dad was pulling his hair out! These girls are lucky the foxes -and myself, didn't find their hiding spots!
Aren't they cute, I think I had a request for a baker's dozen so this is as close as it gets.
I was feeling a little hemmed in the house so I decided to utilize them as props, they weren't cooperative-I should show you the reject shots!!
This is about the best we did.....
and this lady, one of the saved battery hens from last year, worked out there was bread-of course she was happy to pose! Probably if I had a dozen kids I wouldn't feel much like modelling either! Actually, I only have 2 and I DON'T model!
Also, the kids have been grumbling about the need for fresh sand in their sandpit.. DH got them a load.
Just about enough for entertaining them, don't you think?
Caught in the act! Someone doesn't realise how good his mother's zoom actually is.
And it doubles as a slide as well!
Alright, the farmers amongst you will be saying "that is lime", yes, you are correct, it is now joined by gypsum and will be being spread all over the paddock prior to sowing....but none too quickly if the kids have a say.
Have a great day and I am looking forward to catching up on my 304 bloglines entries!! Ouch.


anne bebbington said...

Hope it is only a hiccup - fingers crossed

Ruth's Place said...

Here's hoping it is only a hiccup, sending good thoughts your way! You're battery hens look so happy, love the chook quilt too.

Gina said...

I'm hoping it's only a hiccup aswell.
I love your chook pics. I would love chickens but unfortunately my dog Stanley would cause too much trouble.
Your kids seem to be having loads of fun. It'll be a shame when it's all gone.
love and hugs xxx

Libby said...

Oh my, I do hope the tummy troubles settle quickly *s*

Jelly Wares said...

Welcome Back!!!
I hope everything is alright with the tummy troubles....
Gorgeous chicks, I'm dying for me girls to get clucky so that I can have some babies too.
Great pics of the kids playing in their 'sand' pit..


Christine said...

Love your chooks and chickens. Very cute.

rosie said...

Hi tracey, love your blog, have you had your little girl tested for coeliac disease? You have probably already discussed this, so forgive me if you have. Gluten intolerance will cause horrible tummy aches, diarrhoea, etc. Hoping this helps, Rosie

Nettie said...

Love your chicken quilt, and the chickens :-)

Jane said...

Oh I need some more of that Gypsum in my back yard. My Dad was a market gardener and used to go to Lilydale in Victoria and come home with a truck load of lime.
Oh to have that access now.
Jane aka Glenice

Carol said...

Oh my! Now *THAT* is a sandpit! Wow. Hope your daughter is only having a tiny little bump on a new smooth highway.