Sunday, February 17, 2008

A country weekender.

I have had a social rather than sewing weekend, so I will share the social side, because you often comment that you like a taste of our Australian life.
Went to a lovely wedding at the foot of my local mountains yesterday. They married in a cropping paddock under a red gum tree with a gorgeous view. We then had drinks and savouries there prior to the wedding reception at a local Hotel. The wedding party had a majority of their photos in the middle of us, draped around the fabulous red gum spent pictured above.

I then had to drag myself out of bed early this morning to go and help set up for our little Church-in-a-paddock's annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service. I thought you may like to see how we do it.

The family header was at the Churchyard entrance, they couldn't get it in the yard.
Inside was fabulously decorated, bales of wool, fruit, vegies and lots of quilts and craft. We have different church families in charge of the display on a rotating basis, so we get a lot of new ideas from year to year. I wasn't on this year's, just in charge of the trading table.
I was a bit pressed for time so didn't get you close ups of all the quilts, but here is a snippet.
After the service we sold all the produce at a trading table for the first time, making $340 for the local hospital and Church Lenten appeal. Then catered for a baptism, so by the time I came home in the heat I happily put my feet up and watched the cricket-that will teach me for glamming up in high heels! I bought home the overflow of zucchinis and cucumbers to turn into Fete money making pickles. I have just bottled the first 20 jars...there are 3 boxes ot them to go!!! anyone got any good easy ideas for pickles or otherwise?
Have a great day, Tracey


Owens Family Adventures said...

It looks just beautiful!!

Carol E. said...

OT - did you get the notecards I sent?

Kim said...

Wow. I like the different traditions that you have there. The wedding location was simple and beautiful.

Libby said...

Oh my - that looks like a lovely wedding setting . . . simple and outdoors *s*
What a great idea to sell off the items after your service . . . no reason to not get the most from the donations - I'll be sure to tuck that little piece of info away for future use.

Carol said...

Oh absolutely fabulous, and the pics of inside the church, it's just wonderful. As for zucchinis, if you have any recipes send them on over to me! I have a friend who has a zucchini bounty which doesn't look like ending and she's at her wit's end what to do with them all now that she's run through all her recipes with zucchinis.

Ruth's Place said...

Looks like a great weekend. Love the pictures from the inside of the church.

Christine said...

Love your harvest festival photos. The crafts look great with all the produce in the church. Reminds me of the Vicar of Dibley.