Saturday, December 29, 2007


It is hot work just breathing outside today.....39 degrees celcius at last check.
It is probably lucky I only planted one punnet of tomatoes last night because I have a sneaky suspicion that if I were enthusiatic enough to go out and check I would have none too many left-even with shadecloth...oh well, hopefully boxes of sauce tomatoes will be cheap when I want to make sauce.
There is meant to be a slight change, but only down to the low 30's and then 42 degrees by New Year's. I think a New Year's Eve pool party is on the cards.
Speaking of New year's, I have begun my ritual Christmas to New year tidy up. I hate to carry over a heap of unfinished jobs to a new year so today was my pantry clean-while watching the cricket...tonight will be paperwork and tomorrow and Monday are the backyard and the office.
The backyard may have to be done about 6 am!
Have you started thinking about your resolutions?
I was discussing this with my sister yesterday. My major one was to do things as they need doing (read:...don't put off the boring jobs and go off to make quilts instead) My sister says that sounds very much like last years! My other one was to keep the car clean(read: don't use it as a portable office)-she said that sounded familiar as well! She is lucky she is pregnant or she may have received a sisterly punch!
That made me think of what kind of resolutions I should really make....something achievable like:
1. Tidy the kitchen in the morning before turning the computer on.
2. No blog reading unless the washing is on.
3. Work out what the family are eating for tea BEFORE leaving the house for the sewing room.
4. Empty the car on Saturday mornings...preferably by parking it next to dumpster!
5. Stop everything I am doing at 9 am and do half an hour's farm book work and telephone calls ....not half an hour more's shopping online at the Fat Quarter Shop.
6. And finally...measure twice and not unpick once!
What are your achievable resolutions...come on, be honest and share!
We have also had a night at the beach, got back yesterday. Here are the kids enjoying themselves.

They have really mastered those boogeyboards.
Here is a scene from the breakwater, a gorgeous evening.
Regarding DH's photo book-he loved it, said we had really found him a present he loved-finally. My sister really loved it and as I have all the good pics of her kids I am thinking another one is on its way by her mid January birthday-speaking of which, I had better sign off and start organising photos....or swimming in the pool, whichever comes first.
ps we are down to 2 kittens and both of these go to their new homes next forgive me another kitty pic!
Also, Donna has posted about 70 photos of the Secret Santa Christmas swap presents. They would be a great resource for quilters, pop over to her blog and scroll around for a look...and at her flood pictures...Santa almost didn't make it into Coonamble!
Have a great day, Tracey


Kristie said...

Love your photos!!! I haven't made any goals for the New Year, except for Quilting Goals, and that probably won't last too long, it never does. I start out good then it goes down hill real quick. :(

Cascade Lily said...

Yikes that is hot! Glad you got some beach time in Tracey :)

Ruth's Place said...

I haven't made any goals for 2008 either, except to finish more quilts.
Love the kitty pictures.

joyce said...

Wow, that is HOT! It's -14 here. My only resolution last year was to stop pointing out my mistakes on my quilts and I managed that one pretty well. I think it's a good thing to have only one easy resolution. I never keep the ones about cleaning or doing boring jobs. Good luck with yours.

Susan said...

What wonderful fun the children seem to be having - and I love your end of the day bird, too. You do a great job with photographs! (Speaking of which, my fabulous cards arrived yesterday! Thank you so much. They are everything I expected, and more!)

The kitties are so cute. =) Your temperatures sound perfect to me, and shouldn't the tomatoes be fine if they have enough water in the pots?

A New Year's pool party sounds perfect to me! Love your resolutions - they seem doable. In my case, I'm just resolving to do whatever I want every day. Life's too short, and I have no family obligations now. =)

Chookyblue said...

Hi Tracey......we have not had the hot temps yet........thankgoodness......I was thinking we were really lucky but now I am getting worried that it will be twice as bad when it hits finally..........crutching is coming up next week so that will bring on the 40's.......

and as for goals for 2008 well I will just borrow yours as they don't last or long so i am not going to bother worrying about the beach maybe you need to go again today......
....I don't like the chances for the tomatoes they are probably shriviled up today

Guðrún said...

Wow this would be a little too hot for me. You are very organized planning all this work before new year arrives.

Sweet P said...

It sure is hot there. Is that a heat wave or is it always that hot in the summer?

I'll be posting my resolutions by New Years so stay tuned.

Carol E. said...

Please go to the beach and/or pool and cool off. Forget about doing work in that kind of heat! I resolved not to make resolutions. I always break them anyway.

atet said...

Um, yes -- pool party sounds good at those temps to me!!! Especially since we're at -1 (C conversion for your benefit :0)) right now. I think I'd rather play with the boogey boards than buy the snow boots we went for today! Your Christmas sounds like it was wonderful and how fantastic (and what a gift) that dd is still doing well 2 weeks later! Wooo Hoooo!!!! (yes, there are Christmas miracles) I'm working on my 2008 goals for quilting, but I do know one is to send a thank you package to Australia!!! Happy New Year Tracey!

Dawn said...

Oh I want to boogie board with your kids! That looks like so much fun! And of course the warm sunshine looks great here in cold and snowy IL! Happy New Year!

Sue said...

I have really enjoyed stopping in at your blog. Thanks for sharing

Christine said...

Your kittens are adorable. I love pictures with pets and quilts.