Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Summer Wonderland?
Do you know what? I have lived within 3 hours of my present location my entire life, and even I think Christmas in the Summer is crazy!

I see people in the the Northern World laying in their treats, decorating their homes in the growing darkness, shovelling their pathways and generally taking time to reflect as Winter and Christmas close in....and it all makes perfect sense to me. But what am I doing? Trying to jam a multitude of events and responsibilities into the day, knowing full well that until School closes for 7 weeks (in exactly 8 days but who is counting), life will be crazy.

I have just spent 6 hours working out the swimming program for the School sports, I now have to do my President's report for Church Ladies lunch and AGM tomorrow, Thursday is the sports all day, Friday DD performs his Nativity at School Chapel, Saturday another break-up for School Council....and all fitted in around the fact that it is not deep in a quiet winter but right in the middle of our busiest farm seasons. ....I suppose there is no point starting a movement to shift Christmas to winter here so I can enjoy it and guaratee DH wont need to get on the harvester! I would promise to give a Winter Christmas even more religious respect...does that count?

Anyway, one good thing is that in the midst of all the reruns we will be given on TV for the next 3 months, one channel is actually doing Friends from the start, 7 nights a week...so I am guaranteed I can watch something of a night!

Another huge excitement is the first of my notecards have arrived. I did these with my Christmas cards and I am so happy with them. What do you think?

The Canola ones are just for me, but the others I can share with the World, I even included my own little label on the back of the pink succulent.

I love playing on the net!

These are the Jim Shore's, with "she wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger" printed on them.

And this is my pink succulent.

I am more than happy to share these further afield than just my local quilter friends. I can post around 8 internationally for $1.95 post and in Australia for 50 cents. I am selling them for 50 cents Australian a card, but am fully prepared to negotiate over fabric. Just drop me an email if you would like some.

Last but not least is my buy of the week!!! Dh did look at me as if I was crazy, but what is a person to do when their printers show them how good a photo looks on a t-shirt...and it is on sale as well!

I remember a male cousin of my Mum's coming to Christmas once. I arrived with my very small kids and framed pics of them for Mum and Dad, he looked at me and smirked in a very condescending way and announced "You are really proud of them aren't you!" It wasn't a compliment, I remember turning around and saying, "of course I am!" I often think of him and the fact his own children didn't care to have him at Christmas...and it is just one more reason to wear my t-shirt proudly.

Have a great day, Tracey


Susan said...

Your priorities are straight! I never thought about that aspect of the weather on Christmas. It always seems odd that friends of mine in OZ are going camping for the week, or out to the beach, but I never thought about the activity part!

We'll work out something with the cards. I definitely want a set of pink ones for dropping a line to my friends.

Chookyblue said...

great cards.........

joyce said...

We were in Australia for Christmas twice and it was kind of fun to swim instead of ski and slide on Christmas Day. It's who you are with (family) that really counts.

Linda said...

Love the cards Tracey, would you like to share with us how and where you did these? Nice to see a mum proud of her kids *s*

Finn said...

Totally right on with your priorities Tracey! I'm for kids on t-shirts...grandkids too!
Like Susan, I never gave much thought to your hemisphere being opposite ours...that does make it hard for Christmas doesn't it? I've never known it any way but snowy and cold.
Your cards are beautiful...you are one very talented gal!!
And I do hope your 'slump' has passed...but the runner looks good in animal(or fish) prints too! I've done it in southwest with coyotes and catcus, and in fishing gear..works *VBS* Hugs, Finn

anne bebbington said...

I feel for you Tracey - it seems you get all the end of school year hullabaloo wrapped up with all the pre-Christmas excitement. I find the two phases hard enough to keep up with at opposite ends of the calendar. Love the cards and yes you're right to be proud of your kids - after all you made 'em - grumpy old goat no wonder his family won't give him houseroom!

julieQ said...

Yes, Christmas in summer seems a little different for us in the US, but with our weather here in Texas, we don't really have winter anyway. Just a few cold days!! This straight from the lips of a Colorado girl. Enjoy this season!


Libby said...

You're cards are a great idea . . . the photos are lovely.

atet said...

Wear the t-shirt with pride -- they're wonderful children who love their mum! As for winter and Christmas -- you're more than welcome to come and visit here. Just as an FYI at 4:13 pm the sun is setting, the temp is 21 F (that's -6 for your C folks) and we have something like 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. On the plus side -- no harvesting to be seen!

Sweet P said...

I know I like Christmas in winter. I can't imagine what it would be like to have Christmas in summer. An Aussie quilt friend of mine celebrates "Christmas" in July with close friends. They have a traditional Christmas dinner in the Australian winter. Maybe you should give it a try.

Your note cards are adorable. After I move at the end of this month I will get some.

Tracey in CT said...

I was thinking about your Christmas in Summer comment today, and I realized the difference is even bigger than that...you have Halloween in the Spring, and Easter in the Fall which seems even stranger than Christmas in the Summer to me! Mostly because I think of Easter and Spring as rebirth and the end of winter, flowers blooming etc.
I guess I'd just be totally backwards if I were down under!!!