Thursday, August 02, 2007 housework!

I am back.....and should be fitter after all those camp activities, but really just feel exhausted. Lots of walking, hanging from ropes, canoeing-great fun.

Camp was great, DD coped and had lots of fun but is back with me today as the tummy has moved back to sore. At least she got to do her camp, we are hoping a bit of rest may spark her back up.

The men managed very well by themselves as well, had a great time I think.

Took a few photos, actually took 238, but there are only a few that I can share.
Met this lovely quiet mother, think she may have been hand reared as she hangs around the camp, isn't that baby gorgeous!

And here is a close-up, because I can!
(Feel free to "borrow" the kangaroo pics to share.)

I noticed on the way up that there were a few little noses peeking over the seat as I made hexagons on the bus. I bought the sewing out by the fire one night before tea and suffice to say I never got much done! Luckily I had packed extra fabric as a group of girls were very keen, they have taken home their hexagons to make a variety of things.

Can show you my daughter concentrating hard,

and also some interesting works in progress.....

Hoping that if I can get a big couple of hours in on my house I may have some actual quilty things to post tonight or tomorrow, Tracey


Sweet P said...

I love those photos of the kangaroos. How adorable. Your DD looks very studious working on her hexagons.

Linda said...

Great photo's Tracey, I tend to forget the things I used to take for granted that were in my backyard. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you manage to get some sewing done and your dd is feeling brighter.

Ruth's Place said...

I miss kangaroos! They are great pictures.

Doodlebug Gail said...

OMG what lovely photos of the kangaroos and DD looks like she's doing really well with those hexagons. Glad to hear that she coped with camp and sorry to hear that her tummy isn't doing too well again. Hugs!