Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A range of quilts ...or "shaggy" is the new black!

Hi, after tenaciously holding off the full chest cold, sore throat and general miserableness over my sewing weekend, I have finally given up today and cancelled the day's engagements.

We are up to a showcase of progress from the retreat, always great to get to see other's work.

Shaggy quilts seem to be the flavour. We have some new quilters and the design especially appealed to them. It is also a great project to complete in a weekend, though the cutting of all the seams seemed to be a big process. I have never made one myself...I suppose it is somewhere on the list but everyone's good work and ideas on the net keeps relocating its list position!

Jane and her shaggy quilt, I think it would be queen sized. Jane's only been quilting in the past year and already managing to be very prolific, while fitting in teaching as well.

A close up of her fabric choices, actually, I probably don't need to do that, I think everyone knows to click on the photos to make them larger? This quilt now needs to be washed and probably dried in the drier to achieve the shaggy, almost chenille look, in those open seams.

This is Kath's. It is for her grandaughter, another Milly!

Now we have Anne's shaggy. Anne is another very new quilter and I think this is her first quilt finish, after practising on some cushions.

The next is one of Sue's long term project, her colourwash-in progress. She has spent a lot of time sourcing just the right fabrics. I am not sure that one of these would suit my personality!!I would go crazy with this amount of fussiness, but I like them.

Christine's shaggy, which she got together with a minute to spare! Just needs its clipping done.

This is Robyn's kit from the Fat quarter shop. She completely got it together over the weekend, other than attaching that pinned row and I think one more. She may have finished if she hadn't stopped for cocktails........she also got a lot more hand quilting done on the quilt I showed you a few weeks ago after our group met.
Blogger has now decided to go on picture strike so I will post the last few girl's with mine tomorrow, Tracey


Fiona said...

Great quilts, and the sea makes a great background too.

Gizmo said...

When you ladies wash and dry those shaggy quilts, remember to clean the lint traps often!
BEAUTIFUL quilts!!

Libby said...

Good to hear you fought off the chest cold - those things are BAD news *s* I am enjoying the 'quilt show' and can't wait for the next installment.

Dawn said...

Yes the shaggy quilts are favorites here too. But it takes forever to clip all those seams!

Love the colors on them though!

I have a friend who pulled all kinds of those old chennelle bedspreads out of the univ garbage to make them! They turned out so cute!

Hope your feeling better!

Laurie Ann said...

I made one of the rag quilts. It was okay, but I probably wouldn't make another. I took mine to the laundry mat to wash and dry.

Kairle said...

I've alway had a rag quilt on my list of "to dos" but haven't made one yet. These look great!

atet said...

What beautiful projects from your getaway! Take care of that cold and get better soon!

Leigh said...

I am so glad the retreat was a success. Was it hard coming back to reality? Lol.
I really love the shaggies especially the one with th e chenille in it.

Carol said...

What a lot of fun, it looks like a good time was had by all (and a productive time). What beautiful quilts.