Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some actual sewing...and a meme...and a thanks!

Is there anything nicer than a day with bright winter sun, a sewing machine, a whole heap of cut up shirts and a sentimental movie? Yes, it would be the addition of a package in the mail!

We will start there! After doing a trifling service for ATET, I received this lovely package in the mail today......

Spoilt my little darlings and me! Aren't those fat quarters divine, I am not sure which ones to walk around holding up to my face first, the pretties or the gorgeous blues/browns. I'll go the lot! Thankyou so much, love them!

Now she also tagged me for the meme Finn originated, I like this one, so after giving it a night's thought here goes.

5 things to do before I die

~outlive my children EDITED!!!NO, NO NO!!! Typo-that they outlive me!!!
~See the Lady of Shalott painting for real. Missed that experience in London, now shall have to go back!
~Watch a test cricket game live overseas, my friend Robyn and I have a penchant for a West Indian one.
~handpiece and handquilt something.
~put stuff away after I use it-on a regular basis!

5 things I can do
~ 2 finger type a lot faster than when I started blogging!
~parallel park, it's easy when you have to do it every time you shop.
~dress poultry-and i don't mean in clothes!
~tell stories... for a long time, with no notes, on anything a child asks me to include. Doesn't make me rich but makes me a popular mother at school! My kids think I am close to famous.

5 things I cannot do
That I admit to-
~function if the bed is not made.
~go into things half heartedly...if I am involved, it is fully.
~hand quilt in a manner resembling appropriate.
~always put stuff away.
~walk past an Op (thrift) shop without going in.
Family would say-
~patch clothes and sew buttons on quickly even though she has a whole room to do it.
~say no to people who ask her to organize things
~live without the computer and the phone
~ cope without going to quilters

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex-
hmmm, there's a difference about attracting me and keeping me attracted, I'll split the difference.
~a ready smile
~a generosity of spirit
~good with children
~adoration of me!!
~the ability to ignore my faults! So, so , so attractive.

5 celebrity crushes, with some specifications.
~George Clooney -in Ocean's 11,-13 and ER
~Harrison Ford-as Han Solo and Indiana.
~John Corbett-as Aden in S*x in the City and Chris in the morning on Northern Exposure.
~Sean Connery-pretty much in everything!
~Cary Grant-in pretty much everything!

5 people to tag
Not sure who hasn't done it already but I will take a stab and tag: Gail at Quite Quilted, Kim at Kim's big quilting adventure, Dawn in Korea, Cheryl at Quilting Hollow and Fiona at scraps in progress.

Here is the patchwork I promised, I have been working on shirts. This is only a few sleeves so far.

I am toying with the idea of adding in the red blade type effect, what thinkest thou?
I am also playing with the offcuts, a real scrappy look that I forgot to photograph!
And finally, the only downside to my day, I just dedicated 2 hours of my life to message in a bottle and Kevin Costner dies at the end...does no-one do happy anymore???? I think I'll put Northern exposure back on! Or take a peak at my Indiana trilogy, maybe even that one that has Indiana AND sean...yeah, now that's a plan!


atet said...

You're welcome! Those fabrics were just plain fun and I thought you would enjoy them :0). I love your meme answers as well and those blocks are stunning! I like the fan blade audition, it gives them some fun movement!

anne bebbington said...

I loved it without the red blade and love it even more with it!

bettsy said...

Oh definately go back to Northern Exposure. I think I have only one more boxed set to buy. And John Corbett - well don't forget my Big Fat Greek Wedding and Raising Helen. We don't need to watch sad movies that often. That's why I have never watched A Perfect Storm, even with the allure of George.The plaids look great. Have you checked out for her off kilter log cabins. That's one I want to try one day. She does give instructions back in previous posts.

Fiona said...

Anything made from shirt fabric is irresistable as far as I'm concerned - and I just love the colour combo you have used.

Lily said...

You lucky duck Tracey! Love the blues/brown combo. Love it.

Hmmm, the maverick in me is disappointed to realise that I prefer the log cabins without the blades!

Doodlebug Gail said...

You, along with so many other bloggers (Anne Bebbington comes to mind) have such talent for picking up nice stuff at Charity stores. I visit our Charity stores regularly and will now have to change my mode of thinking - perhaps I too will be able to pick up something to pull apart and sew.

Love those blocks - with or without the red blade. Move those blade blocks around so that the fat ends are in the middle and see what a different look you produce.

I'll have to think about that meme you've tagged me with - we're off for a week on Saturday, home for a week and then off again for 9 days .....

Laurie Ann said...

That blue brown combo is just calling out to me lately. I'll have to indulge.

I like the log cabins without the red blade.

Libby said...

So true - it was a good movie . . . until the end *s* Love those blocks!

Leigh said...

OH I love that movie. It's so emotional. I love a good tear jerker.
Love the fabrics you received, now to see what you do with them.

Gizmo said...

I found your blog back when you were doing lambs. I really enjoy your work, and certainly your lambs too!

GREAT blocks!! My DH just commented on them also. We both love the blades.

Susan said...

Love the fabrics! The colors are wonderful.

I really enjoyed the meme answers, too. This was an especially good one. Finn knows how to do these things right. =)

The shirt blocks are terrific! I like them both ways, with and without the blades. Plaids are among my favorite materials.

As for happy, I stick with the good classics, like While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail, Only You, etc. Hollywood seems to think that everyone is as screwed up as they are, and they keep making yucky movies. Of course, someone always makes it profitable for them. Are the Oz studios like that, too?