Friday, July 27, 2007

He's here!! And he bought nice friends!
My books arrived this morning, I have just returned from my favourite coffee shop where I toasted JK with a skinny latte (and cream covered delicious scones!!!) And read the first 3 chapters in an environment where I didn't feel I should be doing something else, more worthy!
How will I read him, again, the dilemma-all at once or make this last treasure endure over an extended period of time. I know what will win, it will be just like a box of Lindt chocolates-I want to make them last but they just mysteriously keep disappearing-pages of Harry will be exactly the same!

Fresh from Church ladies fellowship zone rally yesterday, as the V.President they utilized me as the entertainment! I am full of Bible trivia! I wonder who is the first to tell me how many siblings Joseph had...hey, off the top of your research! Also off to a trivia night tonight, I have been headhunted by a table determined to win!

Anyway, that is not the point, today I have a question-

What would a good wife do??

Now, there are less that 2 weeks until the event known as D-Day here, yes, my birthday. Been married 12 years and it is only recent years we have worked out the love language thing. Still good though, as many people bat their heads up against brick walls for years wondering why their partner doesn't appreciate what they do "for them" when it is not what the partner wants at all. Anyway, that's a whole other post!

DH now understands that the whole gift thing is high on my love language list and I realise that even though gifts are my thing, he would prefer me to sit down and spend quality time with him.

Hence the cause of serious perspiration at this point for DH and the question.

When would a good wife tell him that there is a Jim Shore nativity and quilt book in the cupboard? Perhaps even a few of the books from today's photo, as Harry and 3 days at School camp next week should keep me suitably occupied without the need for them until D-Day.
....A good wife would be tempted to tell him now and end the huddled secret discussions going on between DH and kids...wouldn't she?
Well, all I can say is what a lot of birthday related fun "good" wives miss out on!
I have fairly regularly remembered to stop quilting and cook, I have occasionally cleaned, I've been known to mend, I have sleepily packed lunches even though mornings are not my thing, THEREFORE I want to see effort, the secret stash are "in case", but only after the effort and the perspiration!

What would you do?


Linda said...

Now that's just too funny Tracey, wicked, but funny.... I'd do exactly the same as Enjoy watching and perhaps rescue at the 11th hour....

Anne Ida said...

Oh, have fun with Harry! My book arrived yesterday, but haven't had time to start it yet :o)

I'm no good at advice for a good wife *lol*

Carole said...

I say keep the stuff you bought and give him a list of new things! lol Good luck!

Rose said...

lol Id wait and see what they come up with!!!! like u said, ur have got the stash just incase!!! Enjoy Harry.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Enjoy the Quiltmaker's Journey - we have it and love the illustrations.

Good luck with the birthday thing - I'll be looking forward to reading how it all turns out.

Leigh said...

I'm with Carole!

Kim said...

Yes, most definitely make them keep working on what to get you for your birthday--at least you know they're trying! LOL!

atet said...

Um, I'm with you on this one. Almost 5 years of marriage to my dh here and he still doesn't get it. I'm hoping someday the light will go on, but until then, I just hope. Wait and see -- and there is always your "stash" -- in the meantime, watching him squirm a bit can be amusing. (oooh, guess I'm not a "good wife")

Carol said...

Oh yes, must be effort otherwise it's not worthwhile. Mike has a habit of asking me what I want and I plead with him I want a surprise. But what if I get it wrong? he asks. I tell him there can be no wrong if it's from the heart.

Well ... actually ... there can be wrong even when from the heart but that's another story I will tell you some time. LOL

I say let him sweat, then at the 11th hour tell the kids. They'll then tell him. If he hasn't got anything he's saved. If he has, then double booty for you! LOL

Susan said...

I'd take whatever they came up with, and be happy they put forth the effort. Then I'd go out and buy what I wanted as my gift to myself. =)