Friday, June 24, 2011

Well and truly winter.

Cold wet, miserable weather here. I have been working on my boy's t-shirt quilt, should have a finished pic for you in a few days. The only other main finish is this pot holder and bag for the local tea rooms' 7th birthday party. The lovely owner has a party and then closes for a few weeks winter holiday. She always had these ladies as paper serviettes but can't get them anymore, i found the fabric at Hancock's and surprised her.

This quilt is on loan to me from a friend. I am organizing a Church ladies day, the theme is "Finding Jesus in the Everyday" and this quilt is the central image for the advertising. Isn't it amazing, I will be sorry to give it back!! They are tiny little inch blocks!

It is a cold wet winter that is suiting no-one.... except the swans. There is always a silver lining for someone....they have been nesting constantly for 9 months...well, different ones I presume! Making up for many years of drought.

These photos are from sunset tonight, and you will see i found a nice surprise to justify my damp toes...

And then on closer inspection...what have we here?

Aren't they beautiful? I am pretty sure they will be added to the slide show for the Church day. Which is your favourite? I can't decide.
....Have a great day, Tracey

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Needled Mom said...

I like the ones with the babies and the first one of the sunset. Beautiful pics!!!

Margaret said...

n umber 5 as the swans fade out the new life is waiting to emerge and glide into the stream of life.

QuiltingFitzy said...

I like #4 & 5.

My previous married name (and therefore, all my girl's) is Swan, so by nature or nuture I'm still a little soft on the name even if I'm not so crazy about the ex. The cygnet is adorable!!!

I may need to order some of these!

Ruth's Place said...

I like the one of the babies (the middle one).

But all of the pictures are gorgeous.

We are in the full grip of winter too. Very wet and cold here today.

Ulla said...

Great swan photos! I love the last one most.
I have been taking pictures of our swans too, they are Cygnus cygnus and live usually in the wilderness only. Your swans seem to have a straight neck like ours.