Sunday, June 05, 2011

Quilt retreat progress.

Hi from the winter wonderland of P*rt fairy. I am on quilter's retreat with another 10 girls, The chocolate Cat included. I am up early blogging after a light night working on a new quilt for my boy. I have taken a few progress photos up until last night, and will take final pics for you this afternoon.
Here is me and Lise, the Chocolate Cat at friday night's birthday dinner, Lise is wearing her fabulous birthday apron from Jane, here's a would suit all of us I think! She better make sure that is packed or she may not see that again.

I had been looking at all these twister quilts before I went, I think Dawn was doing them. I couldn't possibly get hold of a ruler between Thursday's discovery and Friday's departure, so i made my own and had a play. I just marked a square ruler and worked my blocks accordingly!

Robyn is working on her sheep... and some great hoses I'll have to put in next post.

Lise was working on her SIl's quilt. Fabric range is Simple abundance.
Jane is working on this, will have to check the name when she gets up.

I finished this little cot size pink and cream.

I love this painting of P*rt fairy in the passage you think anyone would notice of it were gone?

I got warmed up on Friday by sewing this jelly roll together, playing the jelly roll game I think it's called. 3 hours exactly.

This was originally going to be what the twister quilt was cut from..liked it too much to cut it up!

heaps more progress overnight but have to animals to feed and sewing to be done...bliss! Dh is worried I wont come home!


Chookyblue...... said...

hey we both got to go on retreat..........I made the jelly roll quilt too.........under 2 hours.........bit of fun.........thought I was never going to get to the end of the first strip join........

Ozjane said...

looks like I have to attack some of the Moda scraps bags I have purchased..Fabric Depot have them for $8 or did when I last checked. I got a lot as raffle prizes for guild but kept a few and they would probably look even more interesting given they vary in width. But have a few that have no selvedge strips so that will make it easy.
I need to get busy with something as soon as I finish this surprise quilt that is driving me nuts and slowing my quilting life right down.
Some nice ideas there.

Needled Mom said...

What a fun retreat! I love the B&W Twister. I just finished a tablerunner using the ruler and love how much motion it has.

The jelly roll quilt looks wonderful. I keep thinking that I would love to try it. 3 hours??? Really?

Chocolate Cat said...

It was a great weekend, lots of fun, I am so envious of your energy though!!