Monday, January 03, 2011

Quilts for Leukeumia sewing

Clare at Quilts for leukeumia is in need of a quilt for this side of the world, so i worked today on a red and white string. This is the progress so far, it will get bigger than this, my friend Robyn is making me blocks as well as the ones I have to finish. of course, like all the quilts I make for others..I'd like to keep it!!

I showed you a few months ago the one I made for a little boy called Kael.I used my version of Tonya's letters in this, Tonya and friends do them SO much better...and now you can purchase her book! Word play Quilts, by Tonya Ricucci
I have orderd it already and can't wait for it to come, I have been following Tonya's blog since I started on blogs, well over 4 years ago, and it's great.

I have been very fortunate to keep track on Kael and his family and their cancer battle via facebook. This can be a bittersweet joy, I have loved seeing the pictures of him comforted by his quilt, but I have found the medical logistics of even a remission patient to be heartrending. Today there is news of a chance of relapse, I would ask any of the pray-ers amongst you to join me in praying that his wednesday blood tests will only indicate infection, not a relapse...and for his family to keep strong.
Cuddle your babies... Tracey
ps Oh, think my competition may be too hard, lots of visitors, few comments. Come on, give it a have until friday!


Clare said...

You really are wonderful! Have I given you her address?

BTW it will be Quilt #33

Julie said...

lovely of you tracey!

Julie said...

oh and been pumping the electrolytes today. she's still fiddling with her milk. off to get some meal tomorrow. i didn't realise but that could have been introduced at just 5 days old!
let you know how we go.

Needled Mom said...

Those are both such wonderful projects and go to a fantastic cause.

I will be praying!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

This is looking great, so pleased one of your friends was able to help out!!!! I'm still feeling ordinary today, wish I wasn't back at work this week! Kael and his family are in my prayers.

Tonya Ricucci said...

You made Kael a fabulous quilt - best wishes and healing strength to him.