Thursday, January 13, 2011

Of water and sea...

Back from the beach, haven't felt much in the holiday mood these past few days, the floods and devastation in Queensland are enough to get the toughest of us to shed a tear. It's awful. We are comparitively fine. Three inches in last couple of days with another 3 or 4 expected. It's hopeless for trying to get crop off, so far the only thing harvested is the canola. But, like I said, comparitively to Queensland we are fine!
On a bookwork note....Some winners for my card caption-
Chook, for "faith, hope and love" on card1.
Ozjane for "it'll be ok, mate" on card 2
Needled Mom for "Bon Voyage" on Card3
kerry for "give Thanks"
These girls will all score 10 cards of their choice, with a special extra pack going to Margaret. Drop me a line girls. Took a few photos at the beach, had fun playing with my sister's youngest on the beach here...

All the cousins had fun burying each other!And on one day the wind made the entire bay flat and all the sailboats came in and treated it like a lake, uncommon in Warrnambool.

Am off to take my girl to see sick of looking at and hearing the half of this country is!!

Sewing and some book purchases next time, Cheers and stay safe, Tracey


Chookyblue...... said...

thought you may have got a dump of rain.......lucky the beach is so close......the family want to go but the 6 hr plus drive is not inviting......

chook said...

thank you have put a smile on my face today I wwill send you an email hugs Beth

Ozjane said...

Wow...that was a lovely thrill.
Now if I could manage to get a few more of the people who pass by to enter my past 1000 posts giveaway I would be a happy girl.
Will email.
Also added myself as a follower which I usually forget to do but saw a couple more on my list tonight...

Needled Mom said...

That flooding is just so terrible. The pictures that we are seeing in the states are amazing and the loss of life is just unthinkable.

Your pictures from the beach are fabulous. I'm glad you had an enjoyable visit.

Yeah...I am excited to be a winner. I will email you too.