Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aprons, and shaggy quilts..and tractor work!

Posted by PicasaThe rain has finally stopped long enough to allow the rest of planting season VERY late! This past fornight has seen us get the barley and linseed in and last night was cropping 'cutout"....only a few weeks from the hay season! Due to start shearing here in the next few days, so it is seriously all hands on deck!

I spent a couple of days in the tractor, rolling the newly sown crop...not necessarily what I'd like to be "sewing" but that's what pays the bills! Have to roll everything this time of year, it helps keep the moisture in coming int a time when there wont be as much.

Here's my work environment ...with Georgette heyer historial romance audio books and the latest janet Evanovich loaded on the Ipod and a bottle of water, the only thing missing was the ability to have the tractor drive itself so I could stitch at the same time!

And here's the view...
Tricky thing is not falling asleep! All that sun coming in the glass and just going around... and around... Was very concerned about falling asleep and waking up embedded in the cyprus trees! Not sure Dh would have seen the funny side of that...for at least 10 years!
Some sewing has been managed, lots of aprons..my sister has worked out these are a great gift for all her girl's friends birthdays-
I love this paper doll fabric, about the only place I could still find it online (because I've used my stash and want some more!) was at the fat Quarter Shop. Just a little aside here, with the Aust. dollar almost on parity it's probably time for some feedback. There are a lot of good websites for fabric and I have tried my share.....Hancock's are good -and try to minimise shipping as well, but the fabric does take ages to come to Australia, often over a month; there's an "e" one out there with a great range, but boy, oh boy, watch the postage; same with one that has the almost the same name as the shop I am getting the paper doll fabric from...but with "quilts". But Fat quarter shop ALWAYS deliver, usually to Australia in a week, and they do their best with every aspect of minimising shipping while maximising your shopping. Australian girls, if you have any more good sites to offer while the dollar is even, feel free to comment!! But we wont specifically name names if we criticize!
Have made 5 baby shaggy's in the last few weeks as well, seems to be baby season. this is back and front of one that got handed over this week.
On the farm it's new baby season as well. Here's first duckling and chick here to welcome in Spring... May it be sunny enough to lift the spirits and make to flowers grow, and wet enough to finish off these late crops! have a great day! Off to bake for shearing!


Libby said...

Well, I suppose sewing is sowing is sewing. Hope you get the chance to play a little with needle and thread soon *s*

Khris78 said...

Busy times :) I hope you enjoyed your audio books :)

Ali Honey said...

I hope the crops thrive despite their late start. I will think of you doing your boring job while I am doing mine. If I fall asleep doing what I am doing wiht the kiwifruit I would fall over as it is standing and reaching above my head.
I do drive the Fergie tractor to and from( no cab on my old thing.)
I don't miss feeding shearers - did that as a teenager and for the first 10 years we after we got married.
Still one goes to bed physically tired and knowing something has been achieved.
Cheers !

Julia said...

LOL about the handsfree tractor! Have a great day!

AnnieO said...

That's quite a variety of topics for one post--you are a very busy woman! Glad you're finding time to stitch and shop now and then :)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love that last picture...I swear that duck is smiling!

Lissa Jane said...

Trinity quilts has 35% off at the moment (they are closing down) they have put a halt on their website at the moment but will reopen real soon (keep your eye out).. I also buy from Beaver Creek, Sew unique and Hickory Hill quilts...