Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chick gets a lift.

Ever tried getting a picture of a chicken on a calf??

Or is that still on your bucket list?

Now, before you say, Why?

...Say, well why not?

This chicken could probably come up with a few reason why not!!!

There are many other reasons you don't see many chick and calf pictures......

especially if you let them walk in the calf's feed first-
...(and how gross is that dribble-my chick should run and run hard!!)

The main problem is the lack of suitable chick saddle.

"If I am going to continue to be utilized for commercial purposes i demand a stunt double!!"

Would that be called a side saddle then?

How did I go?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two finishes.

Thanks for the quick quilt ideas. I had never tried a disappearing nine patch so I used the internet as a tutor...(why do I have a library full of quilt books???)...and had a go.

I started as the players ran onto the field for the traditional ANZAC day football game between my Australian Football team Essendon, and the more hotly fancied Collingwood. I don't know how I managed to sew so much as it was a great game, we kicked the winning goal with about 7 seconds to go.

In the 3 and a half hours I spent then, I got both of these pieced....

The disappearing nine patch...

-with a closer view of the Barefoot roses fabric.

The DNP is about a metre and a half square.

-and this little post and rail variation made from some strips I had left from the fire baby's quilt.I backed them both with light pink fleecy so they are very cosy already.

This is about a metre square.

I worked until about 2 am that6 night after a bit of a break, and sewed the bindings down the next day so works out I completed both quilts in around 11 hours...while happily watching good TV at the same time. The DNP will be first place at our market and the denim and post will be second that is one job box ticked!

If only there weren't another 100 to go before I finally wake up in a week and a half with both big commitments over.

Hope you are having a great day, Tracey

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick quilt ideas..and too many jobs!

Do you ever think, 'was putting my hand up for this a really good idea'??

I don't often, as I like being involved in stuff- some of my best friends here have come about because of my time on committees and working at volunteer activities. I think getting involved in your community is equally as beneficial for you as the community. But right now I am really wondering if 2 major events in 2 weeks was a great idea??!! I have 2 full rosters to fill and all associated activities for a Church convention and the School market on consecutive weekends!! Plus all the normal stuff and DD who isn't picking up from her flu quite like we would hope. So it isn't quite like I have the luxury of being a full time events manager.

The joys!!

The thing that needs immediate attention is the fact that I put my hand up when asked to supply the raffle quilt for the market, 11 and a half months ago. I have had that long to do it and is is done? No, I work on a needs basis and lots of other stuff needed to get in first, so tonight I need some ideas.

I am thinking these three fabrics from the Barefoot Roses range would produce something with commercial interest-the craft stall girls want shabby chic. I am looking for a nice quick option with minimal matching of points-ideally it should be able to be put together this Saturday.... do you think a nice basic 'post and rail'? That is what my overworked brain is leaning towards, any better plans?
Last week I visited a nearish quilt shop I like. I loved this quilt in the window and am sharing it even though the glass makes it tricky.

Coming home that evening I snapped a couple of sunset shots, trying to decide which says card more.....

And I kind of like my barbed wire...for no particular reason.

Some of my cards from the last sunset have arrived.
I have cards, postcards and magnets ready for Church convention and the market. Bit tricky to read with tonight's light but you get the idea. I have been getting a lot of requests for ways to purchase my cards. Although I try to not make that what the blog is about, i will try and set up some way you can view the range online rather than me having to email out pics of the ones you are interested in. Stay tuned..or drop me a line, your idea may be better than my fledgling one!
So, thanks for hanging in as my days aren't giving me much time to drop and leave comments at present...i shall return!! Have a great day, Tracey

Friday, April 17, 2009

Quilting housewife's strategies for a happy husband!!

What a lovely lot of reading you gave me for the holidays!!! I enjoyed all the different takes on the question, julie was randomly random number the lucky commenter. Congratulations and drop me a line Julie.

I got the general impression that these are the quilting housewife's strategies for a happy home....
a. the house is pretty much in order...or looks it on the surface!
b. it looks like we took more than just 2 minutes to heat DH's meal (even if we didn't!!!)
c. the level of love and attention he receives comes in at least slightly ahead of the sewing machine..(or so he thinks...???)
d. the stash has at least half of it out of his direct line of sight.

The scary thing is that makes it really sound like an addiction, as a secretive alcoholic or gambling wife may pretty well stick to a similar plan of attack!!!
...the level of love he receives comes in at least slightly ahead of the wine bottle/poker machines
...At least half the bottles are out of sight!/as are the bank statements!
My Dh does always say they'll eventually find a cure for it! Just as long as it aint rehab with the beehived Amy W!

Easter was beautiful here, all perfect autumn days, we even went to the beach! School holidays finish today and my girl has the flu. My sister was here on Tuesday and successfully passed it on...thanks Sis!! I feel a little like it may be creeping up on me as well, but with feeding new calves and "crutchers" who shear the wool off the sheep's nether regions prior to lambing, and trying to have School holiday playdates I haven't time to succumb.
Not much sewing has managed to occur in all this,

I did have a play with some more plastic coated fabric I found. I am very happy with these and think Julie will probably see one in her mail box soon.

I have also attached the binding to my Lone Star, so look out for that very soon..I may finally have a finish for May Britt's challenge!
The farm books and tax planning are calling me...oh happy day!!! i better run-I think neglecting the farm bookwork to blog would start a whole new list of housewife strategies so i had better not go there!
Have a great day, Tracey

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Survey answer please...there could be a prize in it!!

Doing a survey today, completely random, no particular reason....just interested in your honest reply.

"If your husband/partner had anything to say about it.... (ha! ha?) do you think you would still be a quilter?"

And, to entertain me on a no work but i think the internet is fine, Good Friday, "what would he prefer you did instead???"

Be honest, i promise I will never tell!

Oh, by the way, 'tis my wedding anniversary today, 14 lovely years, here's a photo that I like but is a tad forced..and the last time I ever saw DH play pool!
And I know I am getting old when i can show a side shot of myself...must be getting over the kids calling me 'little red riding nose' in my red jacket at primary school! Why is it those things we remember and not all the nice things people have said?-feel free to comment on that as well, I am in an information mood! Tracey

Monday, April 06, 2009

Friday night quilt group.

Our Friday night quilt group is normally a fairly relaxing affair; we catch up on the month's news, share show and tell and husband stories, find out what each others kids are doing, eat too much chocolate supper and drink a lot of coffee or Robyn's essence of Dandelion tea...then realise it's midnight and we should go home, problems of the world all fixed for another month!

Laast Friday night's quilters was at my house...and there was no time..nor room for that relax!

The girls were confronted with hundreds of blocks and quilts and proceeded to continue the sort...

..and continue the sort..

I wish I had taken photos of every group of quilt blocks that were grouped, but here are two...

We found this late in the night in a bag of fabric from Darla in the Blue Mountains, it had slipped through the initial ID process, the circles are all sewn on and in strips. This appealed to Chris as a project so has gone home with her for the holidays, as have a few others. In fact all the girls took sorted blocks home that appealed to them to sew into tops...Well done girls!


We were having fun with stars here, eventually came up with a full star quilt..


-that I think went home with Kath.

Kerrin, on the right of the previous photo took home a mainly pink and blue assortment of blocks. She has already finished the top and called for more blocks!(Her husband was away on a fishing trip!)

The girls couldn't believe the generosity shown, many beautiful blocks! Lise and I were more than happy to share the sewing.......

The next morning I had a market to do. Took the cards and had a very successful day.

Saturday afternoon I tried out the garden apron made from a t-towel that I saw on Stephanie's blog, came from calamity jane and click on her name to go to the Tute. I did very simple ones as practise for School market items. Great idea Jane!

This one has cotton rope threaded through the hem to make the tie. I used the cotton label tape that came with the t-towels as a logo.

This has that blue cotton tape as the binding and tie.

And finally, everyone I owe parcels too, look and be excited!!! All mailed today so, watch the post!!

In today's Who magazine ('People' in the US) they have a photo of one of 3 wrapping rooms in Candy Spelling's home. A good theory-if you have millions of dollars to spare, but the wrapping is not my favourite part of the gift, I'm not patient enough for fancy stuff! Looked like a good spot for fabric stash though to me!

Have a great day, Tracey

Friday, April 03, 2009

Block sorting fun! ..(or chaos unlimited!)

Block sorting fun!!

Well, it was lots of fun with company but I think Lise and I both ended up with slight headaches...she found out what sorting lots and lots of blocks feels like!!

DD was home for holidays and took a photo of us drinking the only socially recommended housewife cope medication for the middle of the day...(that's coffee!!) probably not what the job actually entails!!

Nancy from Philadelphia has generously sent boxes of orphans and specific blocks..-from a large number of donators. There is a huge range, here they come.....

The toe's a bonus!

On putting these on the blog i can see the patches match the blocks in the photo before last...enough for a whole top!

We have a lot of this range from a few our group did for 'quilt for a cure' so i can see a whole quilt of blue and white and yellow.

I see more of the star blocks.

Lots of interesting orphans here.

Pretty sure these came out of the boxes from Nancy as well.

Lise starting to be unsure about where anything came from!

Blocks from Vicki at My creative corner.blogspot.

I think this one was made by Marcie's friend at Patchalot more.


From Pam T in California, these lovely blocks and the amazing quilt top to follow,

And finally, Sally King sent these lovely blocks and some very thoughtful extras-most appreciated!
Alice in italy has sent some lovely re crafting items as well, thanks Alice.
I think that is nearly everyone's donations, if I have omitted yours drop me a line...

I am only human, or perhaps they are still to arrive.

Lise and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and lots of great ideas are coming in for the use of these quilt tops. We will keep you in the loop, have a great day, Tracey