Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Survey answer please...there could be a prize in it!!

Doing a survey today, completely random, no particular reason....just interested in your honest reply.

"If your husband/partner had anything to say about it.... (ha! ha?) do you think you would still be a quilter?"

And, to entertain me on a no work but i think the internet is fine, Good Friday, "what would he prefer you did instead???"

Be honest, i promise I will never tell!

Oh, by the way, 'tis my wedding anniversary today, 14 lovely years, here's a photo that I like but is a tad forced..and the last time I ever saw DH play pool!
And I know I am getting old when i can show a side shot of myself...must be getting over the kids calling me 'little red riding nose' in my red jacket at primary school! Why is it those things we remember and not all the nice things people have said?-feel free to comment on that as well, I am in an information mood! Tracey


Nancy said...

DH working from home this morning, so I asked him....
Question 1 - Yes, I like that you quilt.
Question 2 - If you did something else it should be pole dancing...


Nadine said...

Hmmmmm INTERESTING question !
Well, well :

1)let's say DH really appreciates my quilting (especially when there are football matches on TV), as long as I don't "close" myself in the sewing room ! HeeHee...
2) However, he seems considering it as a "gentle hobby" of mine, not really an important matter in my life and even when I'm telling I couldn't live without quilting, he just smiles...
3) The story changes a little bit when I'm buying fabrics : just a waste of money for him !... so I learned to hide part of my stash, which brings sooo many giggles with my children and quilter friends ! ;>)

But all in all, I think he loves what I'm doing - he even compliments me -... except that he TOO OFTEN asks me when I'll FINISH something ! LOL LOL

This man has got both feet into the ground, whereas I'm always dreaming and projecting... but I love him anyway, true I DO ! ;>)

Actually, I think he loves me too, as he recently proposed me to go and visit the big European Patchwork & Quilting Meeting, in France, next September. Isn't that lovely ? (OK, OK, he will visit the French wine caves... but I'll be in heaven!).

Would I keep quilting without his approval???? YESSSSS, without any doubt !

What else could I be doing ? Hmmm, open a quilt shop, maybe ? ... or write funny stories about quilters (which I'm already doing, from time to time);>)

(Sorry for this looong post ;>)


Colleen said...

1. He is proud of my quilting. He appreciates it's importance and is happy to be having me do something so creative and constructive.

2. As long as he has his freedom to do what he wants, I don't think he really cares what I do. He doesn't have any preferances to how I spend my time as long as the house is clean and good food is on the table.

I do try to spend my time with him whenever he is home. We are best friends after all.

Nancy said...

My DH is very happy that I'm a quilter and he enjoys getting involved in placing blocks, border selections, etc.

and I LOVED your wedding photo!

Joyce said...

My husband considers my quilting an art and he's an artist too so he's happy with my quilting.
I'd still be quilting if he had a choice in the matter. He knows all about obsessions.
Cute wedding picture! Happy Anniversary.

stitchinpenny said...

My husband encourages and enables me to quilt. He would prefer that my health would allow me to be more active in housekeeping. He allows me to use the good times to quilt.

Melzie said...

My dh likes that I quilt, he actually wishes I'd do MORE of it because I always fuss there is never enough time to play in there :) Happy anniversary! xoxo melzie

May Britt said...

I knew I would be a quilter when I saw my mother quilting when I was just a little child. So I have a lot of inspiration both from my mother and my grandmother.

I am not married anymore, but I know my x would not like me quilting. So I just enjoy my life now as a quilter with colors, fabric, books and good friends.

Mama Koch said...

Nancy's husband sounds like mine!

#1--He likes that I quilt--it keeps him warm.

#2--Keep him entertained more!

bettsy said...

Hmm, I don't think he has a problem with the quilting but I know that he would like my stash and UFO's to be smaller/more organized. So maybe he would like me to have a hobby which takes less space. He's not here so I can't ask him - and I am not going to open that can of worms anyway. :)
Names - well, when I was little I liked to talk ( apparently) and my last name then was Willis. So I got the name of Willy Wag Tongue.( for anyone from Overseas reading this a Willy Wagtail is a bird - a very cute one I might add) I am sure that I felt the same way about that name as you did.
That's a very innovative use of the pool table - mine now has ironing all over it - much more sensible.It is good for laying out quilts on too. Back to the husband's preferences - well he's like to play pool on the table. ( how inconvenient)

bettsy said...

edit - (rather then delete the past post and start again) that last sentence should read - he'd like to play pool. Sorry

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary :) It was our 14th yesterday too :)
1. Well, I'm much nicer to live with when I'm happy, and quilting makes me happy, so yes.

2. Well, we'll be driving all day, but I'm quite sure DH would prefer to be cavorting in the bedroom, or cooking something chocolatey, or watching tv with him.

Calidore said...

Happy 14th Anniversary Tracey. Love the wedding photo - the fact you got up on the pool table impresses me...vbg. I'd be struggling.

Dh definetely prefers me quilting. He saw how sick I was with Post Natal Depression and how quilting kept me sane so he's all for it. 13 years later I'm still quilting and he's quite happy for me to continue - besides what I spend on fabric he can spend on his race car/toys/hobbies....vbg.

Would he prefer me to do something else - no not really. Quilting at least is portable so when I go to races with him I have something to do instead of worrying about him wrapping himself around a tree or tyres falling off (no joke one of the tires did fall off). Ohh and he would probably like me to entertain him more.

Have a lovely Easter

Sweet P said...

DH loves my quilting and creating endeavors. He encourages me to do them. Like Nadine, he's happier when I do them on the couch when he is watching TC. I have learned to "schedule" my handwork around him being home and spend time in my studio when he is at work or traveling.

The something else he would like me to do is probably cook more.

Sweet P said...

PS - Happy Anniversary! I love the photo even if it was contrived. It's very unique.

Owens Family Adventures said...

My hubby is really supportive of my quilting obsession and has even brought home fat quarters for me as a "just because I was thinking about you today" gift.
I think he'd really love it if I was more interested in cooking...experimenting with dishes. He's the great cook in the house. I am the every day get er' done as best I can kinda cook. :)

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you're getting to do something wonderful with your darling hubby. :)

Julie said...

Happy anniversary!

Re: todays survey.........

As much as my husbands teases me and carries on some times he likes me at home with the kids so he thinks its a pretty good hobby. Little does he know there is twice as much stuff stashed around the house than he realises. He always stops at the patchwork shops when we travel usually dropping me off and saying I'll see you tomorrow...........

Robyn said...

Hi Tracey and Happy anniversary to you and your DH :D
Congrats on 14 years!!

It amazes me how 'most' hubbys are supportive in our quilting endeavours.
...and my man is no exception. He too is very supportive and even funny really.
Just doing what I love to do / need to do.
Would he change it? Nope!
But he would change the messes I make and the lack of housework and normal boring stuff that doesn't happen when I'm on a 'mission'. *giggle*

Wishing you many more years of happiness.
Robyn xx

Oh and Happy Easter :D

Anonymous said...

My DH supports my quilting....his mother and grandmothers were all quilters and were mine. As long as I spend time with him playing golf or riding on the back of his motorcycle or we are playing with the grandkiddos he's fine. He travels alot so I don't do the quilting into the wee hours of the morning when he is home.....but I make sure that I have handwork that can be done while watching a movie with hubby. ( We have been maried for 37 years and he is still my best friend and most honest critic......congrats on 14 years of adventure. )
Hugs, Barb

dot said...

Happy Anniversary

Yes I would still quilt

Play darts.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Happy Anniversary!

1--Yes, I'd still be quilting
2--He'd like more housework, but knows that is just not on the schedule! So he copes and laughs. When I asked these questions he said "are these some of those trick questions again??!!" Oh, I've been married 30 years and it shows!

loulee said...

1) Hunney is very encouraging and on occasion even tries to help! He likes that I have hobbies.

2) He says I can do what ever I want to do.

I think at the moment he especially appreciates that I have things to occupy my time. He is studying for a degree and much of his non work time is spent in doing that. When we do have a little time together he doesn't mind that I sew whaile he watches TV or tinkers with a computer.
Happy anniversary.

anne bebbington said...

My DH is happy for me to quilt providing the housework is all up to scratch, food is on the table or he's not doing something more important that needs my input, comments or just general admiration. Unfortunately this is seldom the case :o))) He mutters now and then on how much it costs but then will happily let me spend money on it if he thinks I'm getting a bargain - go figure!

Lissa Jane said...

I am giggling at some of the comments...

I guess if I had to swap quilting for something, my hubs would like it if I was addicted to keeping him happy! If I dedicated as much time to housework as I did quilting, I think he'd be a happy camper.. but he has learnt not to grumble, cause I say 'well I worked more than you this week, so when you have caught up the 'hours' I'll start'.. that shuts him up QUICK SMART..

Secretly I think he likes me quilting, he doesn't like the clutter associated with it, but I have a hobby that mostly keeps me at home, with the kids and out of the shopping centres! LOL

who can spend online in a heart beat!
happy anniversary to you :O)))

Carol said...

Fabulous wedding photo!!!

If he had anything to say about it, yes I would still be a quilter (and knitter, and scrapbooker, LOL). That way he can go on his pursuits and I don't get to nag him about them, ROFL. He even says "hey you got a good price" even when I buy expensive material now. I've trained him well!

What would he prefer I did instead? Probably dote on his every whim. Not going to happen my friend.

Kerri said...

DH says he doesnt like me to quilt all the time but then he brought me a quilting machine.
And he would love me to work with him on the farm all of the time to keep him company.

Happy Anniversary. Hope you have another great 14 years. Love the photo. Looks like you had fun doing that shot.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't mind what I do, but he would prefer I did housework and cooking more often LOL.

Terry said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband doesn't mind that I quilt as long as I make quilts big enough for him to cover up with. He doesn't get wall hangings, table toppers or mini-quilts at all! LOL
I suppose he's prefer me to spend more time cooking and baking and cleaning the house. But that's not going to happen.

Jill said...

I would still be a quilter if my husband were picking my hobby, except on those days when things aren't going right and I spend hours in the basement just staring at the piles and wondering why nothing goes together right.
I can't even begin to guess what he would want my hobby to be if it weren't quilting....though it's quite possible it would involve working on the car.....bleah.

Quilts And Pieces said...

HA! If DH had his way there would be absolutely NO quilting or sewing things in this house, including bed covers. They would have to be totally store bought! And be doing instead - probably would say cooking and cleaning! Now remember you promised..... shhhhh!

YankeeQuilter said...

Question one...he likes that I have lots of friends from quilting but dislikes the fact it makes the house messy. Grand scheme of things he'd rather a clean house!

Question two...he wishes I wrote more or golfed. (Golf...what is he thinking!)

I don't think people ever say enough nice things about each other....

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Congrats on the anniversary. And to the questions... Whilst quilting the other day on my longarm... my DH hollered to me across the yard...that I looked sexy.... so guess he does understand me after all and my quilting. :o)

AnnieO said...

What a fun poll:
DH likes that I quilt even though he is not really interested in me chattering at him about color choices, patterns, fabric, blah blah blah. I feel the same way about his amps, guitars, accessories and cymbal bag chatter!

DH would probably like me to take more interest in an ACTIVE hobby, as he is 55 but still plays basketball a couple times a week and likes to wash cars and mow the lawn. Unfortunately, everything I like to do involves sitting: quilting, blogging, cross-stitch, reading, watching TV....:)

Fiesta said...

Tracey he likes that I quilt and indulges me on high tech machines, takes me to the newest quilt shops and even takes me to shows.
He says it is worth the money because I make useful pretty things and it brings me joy.
I don't think he likes the time he spends alone though.
If I did not quilt he knows i would be a horticulturalist.

Margaret said...

Happy Anniversary Tracey.
1. After nearly 50 years of marriage we don't get in each others ways he has a shed, I have the back rooms.

2.Would he prefer something else probaly not, especially if it means me volounteering him to stand outside the footy gates on a cold wet day shaking a Leukaemia Foundation tin, or outside the T.A.B. for the A.C.C. etc. etc.

Meredith said...

yes he loves it and he encourages me everyday. He supports me and buys the things I need and want.

Linda said...

Tracy contrived or not still a lovely memory. Congrats on your 14th anniversary. My hubby and I have 37 wonderful years under our belts. I started quilting three years ago when my first granddaughter was born. But let me tell you I have very quickly caught up to all you lifers out there.My husbond is very proud of me. He has always done wood work so he loves that I am being creative as well. Housework what's that. Actually we have two major cleans every week and then the rest of the time is ours. Now before this becomes a book I will go but just one more thing I check your page once a week ever since finding your shirring elastic tutorial and I love it. LOL Linda

Love 2 Quilt said...

Hubby thinks it's good for me to quilt. He says it keeps me out of the bars LOL!! I would probably drive him crazy if I didn't have quilting to occupy my time. He actually went to a couples class with me years ago. After we signed up I found out the real reason he said he would go cos it might be fun. The next week he was going to go to Missouri to fish with a bunch of him buddys! But we have lots of fun. On our last vacation I went to Minnesota to a quilting show with friends and he went to Missouri to fish. We have lots of fun hiding fabric when he's out fishing!! Love him lots.