Friday, April 03, 2009

Block sorting fun! ..(or chaos unlimited!)

Block sorting fun!!

Well, it was lots of fun with company but I think Lise and I both ended up with slight headaches...she found out what sorting lots and lots of blocks feels like!!

DD was home for holidays and took a photo of us drinking the only socially recommended housewife cope medication for the middle of the day...(that's coffee!!) probably not what the job actually entails!!

Nancy from Philadelphia has generously sent boxes of orphans and specific blocks..-from a large number of donators. There is a huge range, here they come.....

The toe's a bonus!

On putting these on the blog i can see the patches match the blocks in the photo before last...enough for a whole top!

We have a lot of this range from a few our group did for 'quilt for a cure' so i can see a whole quilt of blue and white and yellow.

I see more of the star blocks.

Lots of interesting orphans here.

Pretty sure these came out of the boxes from Nancy as well.

Lise starting to be unsure about where anything came from!

Blocks from Vicki at My creative corner.blogspot.

I think this one was made by Marcie's friend at Patchalot more.


From Pam T in California, these lovely blocks and the amazing quilt top to follow,

And finally, Sally King sent these lovely blocks and some very thoughtful extras-most appreciated!
Alice in italy has sent some lovely re crafting items as well, thanks Alice.
I think that is nearly everyone's donations, if I have omitted yours drop me a line...

I am only human, or perhaps they are still to arrive.

Lise and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and lots of great ideas are coming in for the use of these quilt tops. We will keep you in the loop, have a great day, Tracey


Alice said...

Oh my goodness - you must be dizzy from all of this! You are doing a great job. I am glad to know that my parcel arrived.

Do you need anything?


trashalou said...

reading through your 'who sent what' list made me think of Romper Room when Miss Thingie would look through her magic mirror and see loads of children. Hee hee.

Did I ask you about a paypal link? I can't remember. Please would you drop me an email as I would like to contribute.

Stephanie said...

Such kindness from everyone. I think you need to enlist a small army of helpers.

Carol said...

In the famous words of my mum "oh my giddy aunt", you two are drowning in a sea of blocks. Fabulous!

loulee said...

Phew! I'd get lost and overwhelmed! You girls are doing a wonderful job. The generosity shown by not only yourselves but all of the donators is testament to what a wonderful world this can be and how many lovely people there are out there. ((HUGS)) to all involved.

MARCIE said...

Oh my gosh Tracey! You have had a wonderful outpouring of blocks and quilts! I hope you are getting lots of help! What a blessing you are!

Chookyblue...... said...

so many blocks........guess you girls will have to meet up lots more to get it all finished would be a good problem....

Calidore said...

Yeah right it's only coffee in those cups...vbg. I think that by the time the two of you had finished you both deserved something a little stronger. What an amazing job the two of you are doing and what fun to sort through all those beautiful blocks.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent selection of blocks! Looks like fun, even though a bit daunting.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Oh boy look at you guys!!! :) You are cutie pies for sure!!
And oh boy did you have a lot of sorting to do...I hope you had lots of coffe and chocolates to keep you fortified. :)

Anonymous said...