Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ripe tomato chutney recipe.

Finally, the Ripe tomato chutney recipe!

4 lbs of tomatoes

1 lb apples

3 lb onions

3 lb sugar

1/2 lb sultanas

1/2 lb currants

1 tblsp salt

1 teasp cayenne pepper

1/2 teasp mixed spice

2 tblsp cloves tied in a muslin bag.

and....GOOD QUALITY VINEGAR....in at least 2 litre plus quantities

(* I usually double this chutney recipe when i make it, as it makes the time spent cooking more worthwhile. I just turn all the pounds into kg quantities and double any "spoon" quatinties.)

Peel your tomatoes, cut up onions and apples, (small). Put all mixture in a big pan together and cover with vinegar.

( Voice of experience...not enough vinegar means it goes a sweeter, almost jam like arrangement-my friends liked this, my fussy family did not. Too much vinegar just means it takes longer to boil down, and would of course, slightly reduce the sweetness. My family and MIL told me to err on the vinegary side.)

My MIL's recipe says boil together for 2-3 hours. well, perhaps hers took a long time to get to the boil, but on my last double batch I think it may have simmered away on the stove for closer to 8 hours.

Seal hot in hot sterilized jars. Great on meats, in quiches, cheese and chutney sandwiches..etc, etc

My final brew looked like this....

And the half way along progress shot is a couple of posts back.

I have been playing with children's book writing. I am combining my vast collection of photos with coming up with the perfect book for some of my favourite small children.

My little Clancy,who smiles at me and puts his arms out to me at Church, has a new baby brother and he is also fixated on farm life so this is his big brother present. I just did that one in a display book as it needed to be handed over.
I have done another one for my niece's 4th birthday, based on her favourite " D*** the Explorer" television show.

It is all about the search for her missing "Quilty", at all her relatives places. Quilty is the quilt I made her when she was born that she has to sleep with. I have laminated this one and am getting it bound tomorrow.
No improvement with my MIL, Dh doing night 10.
Have a good day, Tracey


Nadine said...

THANKS for the recipe, dear Tracey! I'll certainly have a try this summer...and I'll tell you about the result ;>)

Lovely, lovely children books, such a sweet and creative idea !


loulee said...

What a wonderful idea. I'll bet the children love their books.

((Hugs )) To all

Jelly Wares said...

Thanks for the recipe!!! I'll definitely give this one a go when I get the chance... DH loves chutney and I'm yet to find a recipe that he 'loves'... Hopefully this is it.... The book looks great too BTW...

Take Care
Jodie :)

MARCIE said...

LOVE these books! What a wonderful thing to create for a child to enjoy and keep forever!

Shasta said...

That seems like a lot of work for chutney but it does sound really good. I'll have to do that with our tomatoes when they are out. The book idea is wonderful. I'm sure they will be appreciated.