Thursday, June 04, 2009

Do it now!

Oh, I am sad! And it feels strange, I only knew this person through the blog but learning of her passing is still awful.
I have been calling in at "what's happening with Carol" for a few weeks to see how she was going and there were no updates on this fantastic young quilter, mother and teacher's cancer battle, so i decided to comment and tell her we wanted an update -and the news of her passing was in the comments. She didn't seem to have long after finding out.
The reason I have entitled this, "do it now" is because so many times I think, "i should send a card, or I should visit/ring that person and tell them what a good job they've done /how I appreciate them/that they are in my prayers"... and sometimes I do, and sometimes I find I wait a few extra days and life gets busy then i forget and they are gone..or sad..or troubled.. and I am really sorry I didn't "do it now!" Making the time for people when you think about it is the only way to ensure your life isn't about regrets..
I have a lovely friend, and it's funny, but when i ring her she almost always says, 'do you know I was just thinking of you'...we know it's time!
Well, when I initially read of Carol's diagnosis I contacted her and sent some of my cards and some books for Maya...and anyone who has one my prizes knows that getting straight to posting is not my forte!.. they were posted the next day and I had a lovely email or two from Carol, that i now know were followed closely by her hospitalization. I am just so glad i took the time to connect, but still very sad at the senseless loss....
On another, gift related note, Julie at bush Baby jag, just received a long lost Easter swap parcel that had inexplicably been found with other items next to the Brisbane River! This is a good lesson for all of us to place our gifts in a zip lock plastic bag with the address on it, before sealing in the paper envelope...double protection....
have a good day, Tracey


Julie said...

OMG!!!! i was just talking about carol today, how utterly horrible.
i don't know what else to say.

Vicki said...

It's so funny how we are prompted to call or connect with those in our lives, both on the internet and face to face. I have a terrible time connecting with friends and they all live less than a mile or two from me. Busy, work, sickness... you are right, when prompted inside call. I think I will ring a friend today.

Lissa Jane said...

I drove past my friends street last Saturday and two streets up I thought 'bugger, I'll back track and call in for a cuppa'.. her hubby was home to, had a chat and a cuppa and come home and he died four hours later.. I am so glad I backtracked, I am in shock (and the shingles are back big time) but at least I got to say hooroo to him..

dont put off anything.. life is sure too darn short...

(aka the shingled one)