Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sample block feast

Good news, a big thunderstorm tonight that fortunately produced rain with it's lightning. I think we only got 30 points, but as we were down to a few inches in the last tank it's most appreciated, especially by my poor garden! The people in town got 3/4 of an inch and we are meant to get more, it would be lovely if this was the start of the autumn break but that's a little optimistic yet...even for me!

Boy, have you been impatient and scrolled through the feast of blocks already, if you haven't then i give you full leave to go now!!

I ask an incredible level of forgiveness if your name is on the wrong block, but it has been tricky keeping everything in the right piles....and believe me when i say your efforts are fully appreciated no matter what!

I still have lots to go, so stay tuned!! I just can't post everything at once-as I have said before, I have this 'unreasonable' family that seem to expect i do some cooking.... and even less cleaning!! LOL

What do you have to say about all these lovely ladies pieces of work.....may don't have blogs, so go ahead and make their day....... I will just say...fantastic girls!!!


Alice said...

Wow! I hope the fun of playing with all the beautiful blocks repays you the effort of organising all of this. I wish I could be there.
What great blocks - congratulations everyone.

Stephanie said...


Sally said...

Great blocks, lovely colours, everybody has worked hard on those.

anne bebbington said...

Glad mine got there ok - you never know when you hand it over in the post office - a lovely selection of blocks there

QuiltPeace said...

Thrilled to see my quilt block arrived ...but most of all so much fun to see so many wonderful and different blocks being donated - Aren't quilters wonderful???
Barb H. Tennessee

Calidore said...

Honestly Tracey those blocks are simply stunning and the generosity of people is outstanding. Well done for co ordinating all of this you are doing an amazing job.

loulee said...

So much love and generosity. Well done ladies.