Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sitting here organizing block photos...post to follow soon......but thought my many cat loving bloggers may like to see DD's birthday cake. I got the basic idea out of the Women's weekly birthday cake book...but had to change the face to make it look like her kitten..-so had to try and think up something for white whiskers instead of licorice ones at midnight the night before..how did I go???

(-and note to anyone trying it, mixing orange in 4 different shades is tricky!!)

And as I go off to decipher more return addresses, here's the chocolate fondue fountain everyone should have at their birthday....reminds me of a Vicar of Dibley episode, anyone remember??

And, yes, filled with Cadbury dairy milk...it was goooood!


Libby said...

How fun . . . . she'll remember this birthday forever *s*

The Calico Cat said...

That cake is beautiful!

MY GF once made me cat cup cakes, the ears were toblerone candies, the hare lips were cashews, the tongue was a spice drop, the facial shading (for a Siamese kitty) was done with cocoa powder...

Sally said...

As I am from the UK there is only one make of chocolate and it has to be Cadburys, it really is very good and the cake looks very cool, your DD must have been very pleased with it. Happy Birthday DD!

Owens Family Adventures said...

The kitten is almost as cute as the girl! :) Love the cake!!!
May she have many many more special birthdays ahead of her!

Calidore said...

I'm so impressed by the cat - cake....DD and the kitten are pretty darn cute too. What did you use for those whiskers? As for the chocolate fountain -yummmmmmm!!!!!

MARCIE said...

Oh my gosh that cake is so cute! I bet darling daughter loved it! The blocks are all great that you are receiving!

Susie said...

Hi Tracey,
I haven't been by in ever so long and for that I'm sorry! I've gotten involved in Facebook and not too active at blogging!
Loved seeing your cat cake! You did a terrific job! That chocolate fountain looks so tempting :) Happy Birthday to your daughter..