Thursday, February 19, 2009

First blocks are here!

In a Georgette Heyer novel they would call me "bookish", a label that would then either attract or repulse those people the heroine came in contact with. A great primary school teacher when i was 10 helped me be bookish. I caught scarlet fever..and while it wasn't the disaster it would have been in a regency Heyer novel, it wasn't all that good and I wasn't allowed near school for ages. My teacher sent me home a selection of novels that included such treasure as "A little house on the Prairie" and the rest is history, with no TV choices, it was become a reader or go nuts. In Year 12 I did English Literature and that opened up a whole new world, even if there were only 2 of us and we did it by correspondence, with just a teacher supervising us occasionally. I discovered that literature lead to art and also art to poetry and that poetry did not just mean rhyming words on a page.

The best bit though, was that the teacher took us to Melbourne for a weekend to see 'A Streetcar named Desire', which we were the theatre. We also went to the museum, the Art Gallery, out for greek food...and Yum Cha and stayed at his in-laws!! In short the kind of weekend a country girl dreams about. He would NEVER be allowed to do that in this present teacher student climate...and what a sad pity that is for those students who are missing out.

On Monday, when the mail started to come through, I was reminded of Blanche's famous quote, which bought back this flood of memories, -
"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."
Well, I am not normally dependent on the kindness of stangers, very much a "get in and do it myself" kind of girl, but I am very much appreciating "the kindness of strangers" with the block offers. But the quilting bloggers really aren't strangers at all, are they!!
Here are some of the first arrivals. Louise's block were mailed from Sweden on Friday and were in country Victoria on Wednesday morning!!

Patricia from Narramine in Oz, sent me her doubles from an online sampler. I can see a whole quilt top...with burgundy sashings (??) there!

Darla and calidore sent blocks. Calidore's 2 metres of wadding a will also be much appreciated. Thanks to Margaret for bags to put donations in and her her contribution towards the vast amounts of backing I am purchasing...enough to back at least 10 all blocks will be matched up into "families" and become quilts exciting!!!!
I will try to acknowledge the contributions in this way, as the emailing is proving quite a paperwork task. I hope that's fine. Thanks to everyone.

Finally, our new ornament, or two!!

Found the cute little country frame at the Op shop, and it's mate arrived a week ago for my daughter. She gets the company at night and I, lucky me, get the company during the day. I have had to start wearing socks as my toes are just too exciting...apparently!! It's name is Tom. But it is really very well behave and my girl just loves it.
Have a great day, Tracey


Kim said...

I'll be putting a few blocks in the mail to you in the morning--and the two I made match Louise's. When I first posted about it on my blog, I suggested if anyone wanted to make and send blocks and didn't have any particular pattern in mind, they might want to make one from my Scrappy Thimbleberries quilt. So with Louise's and mine, you'll have at least six and maybe you'll get a few others of that pattern. I've posted photos on my blog of the five blocks going into the mail tomorrow--I hope they'll arrive soon, but it looks like you'll be kept busy until they arrive anyway! LOL!

trashalou said...

I have passed your info on to my mum (the family quilter) When she figures out how to open up a link .... (apparently technology is not her friend ;-)

Have you a paypal account because I don't have the tech ability to create such but I can help fund a few metres of backing or wadding.

Louise said...

I,m glad the blocks got to you, never thought it would go that fast. There is hope for the post office! :o)
Curious to see the finished quilts.
Louise in Sweden

Ruth's Place said...

Tracey, I was telling my friend about this project, she doesn't blog, and she'd like to send a completed quilt - she tells me that's easier for her to do than blocks.

The idea is that our sewing group here will make the blocks and she'll assemble them and quilt it. Can I send you a finished quilt?

Stephanie said...

Looks like you're going to be able to make many quilts! Tom is quite adorable.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Wow the blocks from patricia would make a great quilt!!!

Love the kitten!!! Kittens are so much fun. :)Take care of your toes....when our cat was a baby he would attack ankles.

QuiltedSimple said...

These all look fantastic! I cannot wait to see the completed tops!

Libby said...

You are going to have such fun putting those blocks into quilts *s* I can hardly wait to see them all come together.

YankeeQuilter said...

These quilts will certainly have a story with them!

Tom is adorable!

Calidore said...

I'm so pleased that the package arrived safely. What stunning blocks everyone is sending - people are so generous in times of crisis. Tom is adorable even if he has a "thing" for toes...vbg.

Jodie said...

I remember spending Sundays with my English class cooking pizza and swimming in our teachers pool, not to mention the odd counter lunch at the local pub during school time are right it could never happen now!

Kim said...

The blocks will make a wonderful quilt(s). Very kind coming from the Sisters in quilting. Tom is a sweetie. Cute frame, too!